UK Enterprise 2020

226 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 When things go wrong, what you want is someone who can sort the problem quickly and efficiently. With a history of strong customer service and 24/7 emergency call out, the team at THH Services Ltd - Dyno Plumbing have proven themselves to be the ones to turn to in a crisis. We take a closer look in the light of the team’s extraordinary business success. Best Plumbing Repair Company - West Midlands & North Wales Jul20522 Every business wants a good reputation for what they do. Word of mouth spreads more easily and with more credibility than any advertisement. In just over a decade, the team at DYNO Plumbing have built themselves a reputation that is second to none, allowing customers to trust in their judgement. Much of DYNO Plumbing’s work is designed to serve the public, but it is also a Franchised Business through British Gas. The team’s standing is why they have been chosen to act as services agents for Salamander Pumps and Stuart Turner Pumps as well as performing the role of agent on behalf of AXA insurance. In the latter case, a company’s good name is paramount, as AXA are an umbrella company for many home insurance companies. The team is large enough to cover an incredibly wide areas, ranging across Shropshire, North Wales and the majority of the West Midlands. Standardised pricing is offered across the board, so no one person pays more than another. Clients turn to the team from DYNO Plumbing to handle all sorts of issues, from single jobs such as changing a tap washer all the way through to Power Flushing a full central heating system. No job is too big or too small, with the team knowing that each success has a major impact on their customers. Plumbing is not a static business, and the team at DYNO Plumbing know this better than most. A regime of constant training is in place, including Health & Safety updates and refreshers on company policies and procedures. The team have always been passionate about the importance of independent auditing, and welcome the way in which these examiners come and ensure that their service is delivered to the highest standard possible. To ensure that staff are comfortable with what is being asked of them, regular Tool Box Talks are organised, allowing them to feedback their needs and requirements. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have hit DYNO Plumbing harder in some quarters than others. Much of the team’s regular work comes from insurance companies and British Gas Homecare Policies, and these have dropped dramatically as the crisis has continued. The team has been able to continue working throughout the restrictions, registered as key workers who might have to serve emergencies. The financial impact, however, is hard to calculate until things return to normal. This is no doubt true across the plumbing industry as many try to work out how to get back on their feet. For the team at DYNO Plumbing, the effects of COVID-19 have allowed the business to change how it operates in order to thrive in the future. Like the rest of the country, they have seen the potential for change. DYNO plumbers have taken necessary safety precautions / worn appropriate protective clothing where needed when working during Covid. One of the big driving forces moving forward is a desire to diversify aspects of work undertaken, implementing new technology so that the team can streamline their services. This will result in increased productivity, remove the need for paperwork and allow the team to promote a greener lifestyle. All of these factors are beneficial for the company as a whole. In short, what DYNO Plumbing offers is a trustworthy plumber who is constantly looking forward. Because they have built such a strong reputation for delivering an excellent standard of work, it’s incredibly exciting to see them push forward into new territory. Company: THH Services Ltd - Dyno Plumbing Name: Kevin Thorner