UK Enterprise 2020

227 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 There’s no business like show business and nobody knows this better than the team behind RSM Stage Academy. For over ten years, the team have provided exceptional training in the Performing Arts that have allowed their students to thrive around the World. We take a look at this organisation in more detail to see how they’ve been able to inspire such success in so many people. Jul20297 For many, Performing Arts is not just a job but a way of life. It’s something they were born to do. Like all jobs however, it is made of skills that must be honed and developed in order to truly achieve success. The team behind RSM Stage Academy are well equipped to ensure that learners of all ages can flourish, becoming well rounded performers with many different skills. RSM Stage Academy students and performers of all ages receive training in the three key disciplines of Performing Arts, namely Singing, Dance and Acting. This gives performers control over their voices, bodies and minds. Classes are taught in a variety of different ways to suit the broad variety of performers who come through RSM Stage Academy’s doors. The structure of the training at RSM Stage Academy are a mix of Commercial and Musical Theatre genres. Instead of focusing directly on one or the other, this mixed structure broadens students’ knowledge, encourages versatility and shapes students into well-rounded performers. To add an element of authenticity to the teaching provided at RSM Stage Academy, all routines, songs and acting scenes are taught from a variety of styles and genres from big Musical numbers to intricate pieces. This means that when RSM Stage Academy students make it to auditions, they know what is expected of them. RSM Stage Academy students and performers are offered a variety of performance opportunities. Over the years, students have been invited to perform in UK touring shows, West End theatres and local showcases. More recently the team have been able to secure the opportunity to perform at international events. Students have had the privilege of obtaining opportunities to perform in Spain and even on a Broadway stage in New York. To get these opportunities demonstrates more clearly than anything the success of the way that RSM Stage Academy is run. Working out of a state-of-the-art facility in a fun, safe and caring environment, has ensured that the next generation of performers is in an excellent position for the future. The teaching naturally follows this pattern of excellence. Groups and individuals are considered carefully to ensure that the best possible work is brought out of each student. All staff and guest teachers hold an enhanced DBS check, along with having the appropriate level of relevant teaching qualifications and professional experience to ensure that students are not only safe, but taught in the best possible way. As a CDMT (Council for Dance, Drama & Musical Theatre) Recognised School, RSM Stage Academy is required to hold and implement professional policies and procedures which certainly helps to give students peace of mind while training. One of the key elements that has remained with RSM Stage Academy since its beginning, has been the decision to keep the organisation as open as possible to students and clients of all ages from as young as 3 to adult. As such, RSM Stage Academy is one of the most competitively priced Performing Arts Schools in the UK. This does not mean a lack of quality, it offers people from all sorts of backgrounds the opportunity to come together and showcase their talents. It’s an admirable decision that reflects well on a team who have achieved such success in the UK Enterprise Awards this year. Company: RSM Stage Academy Principal/Creative Director: Richard S. Meredith Web Address: Performing Arts School of the Year 2020 - West Midlands