UK Enterprise 2020

228 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Founded fifteen years ago by experienced will writing industry veteran Mr Phil Taylor, Anglian Will Writing is a specialist in providing affordable services across East Anglia. From will writing to powers of attorney and probate services, this firm does not simply specialise in legal services, but specialises in making the client feel properly cared for. Join us as we examine why the firm has rightfully earned the title of Will Writing Specialists, but also excels in so many other areas. Will Writing Specialists 2020 of the Year 2020 – Norfolk Jun20365 The brilliance of Anglian Will Writing’s services begin well before any specialisations or uniqueness. Simply, the firm is brilliant at what it does, because it does it for everyone. Anyone can experience the ease of partnering with Anglian Will Writing, be they a young couple buying their first house together or an elderly couple who are concerned about protecting their estate. The man responsible for spearheading this superb firm is Mr Phil Taylor, a fantastic Will writer himself and a Fellow of the Society of Will Writers. Together with his carefully-selected team of dutiful and dedication staff, Mr Taylor has ensured that Anglian Will Writing is always ready for whatever a client may ask of them. No matter the age of a client or the value of their estate, making a Will is absolutely imperative to ensure that an estate is properly handled in the unfortunate event of a death, expected or not. As families and individuals grieve the loss of a loved one, the last thing they want to be doing is worrying about whether or not all the necessary affairs are in order. Should a person die without a Will having been made, it can cause untold problems for those left behind. In stark contrast, having a proper Will created through the service that Anglian Will Writing provides can give those left behind a feeling that everything is under control. Even for the person creating the Will, they can rest easy in the knowledge that they have done everything they can to make things easier when they die, and tie up a lot of loose ends. Anglian Will Writing offers an outstanding Will writing service that ensures every client can rest easy knowing their estate will be distributed as they would wish following their death. The client is invited to nominate their Guardians and Executors, to ensure that the Will is not only ready to go, but also in the hands of trusted individuals who will be able to carry it out. As well as the client themselves, the staff at Anglian Will Writing help to make this process as smooth as it can possibly be. Every member of staff approaches their work with an abundance of positivity and flexibility, with the staff able to offer evening and weekend appointments to those who need them most. With the firm offering such a personal service to its clients, COVID-19 has had a serious impact on the way in which Anglian Will Writing works. Where once the company would meet all of its clients face-to-face, it now has had to showcase its impressive adaptability. Recent developments with the virus have made it so that Anglian Will Writing has now had to offer appointments by phone and video call. This still retains the sense of personal service that the firm has always offered, but in a slightly different manner. Though this method may work fine for now, the team at Anglian Will Writing cannot wait to get back to delivering a face to face conversation with a trained professional who can offer individual and personalised advice to any client. Having a Will is one of the most important things that an individual can do with their time and money, or they may run the risk of leaving their entire estate in the hands of fate. Anyone and everyone can benefit from what the team at Anglian Will Writing has to offer, so there really is no reason not to ensure that your death does not have to leave those you care about in a state of distress around your estate. The exceptionality of the firm cannot be overstated, and it is fully deserving of all its success. Company: Anglian Will Writing Contact: Phil Taylor Website: