UK Enterprise 2020

229 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Based in the market town of Wem in Shropshire, Rhian Greaves is an independent lady Funeral Director. With more than an outstanding fifteen years of experience in the funeral industry, Rhian Greaves has accumulated a wealth of knowledge from organising a variety of funerals, ranging from military funerals through to sea burials. We profiled the best emerging funeral director in Shropshire, Rhian and her business R. Greaves & Co to find out more. Best Emerging Funeral Director 2020 (Shropshire): Rhian Greaves Throughout her impressive career, one thing that has been a consistent positive aspect has been how proud Rhian is to offer everything that a family could possibly need or want in regard to the funeral service for their loved one. Working with both a caring and a professional approach, R Greaves & Co is able to provide the bereaved with a unique and personal service, as Rhian understand that each family is different and has their own needs. As such, Rhian works tirelessly to ensure that she is are able to expertly deliver a personalised service. As a previous resident of Wem, Rhian has been an active member in her local community, which is clearly reflected in the endless glowing reviews about her and her business. In fact, there is not one single negative review for R. Greaves & Co, a true testament to the extraordinary service that is offered. One of the most common themes within these reviews is that of professionalism and compassion. These two powerful words are repeated time and again which is a big part of the ethos of the business. The people of the town know and respect Rhian and most of them approach her to look after their loved ones. R Greaves & Co are able to offer a funeral planning service, which helps gives people and their families the peace of mind that all necessary arrangements are made. This can be a very difficult process to go through and Rhian is able to support families emotionally through this. R Greaves & Co have partnered with Golden Charter, who are the UK’s largest independent funeral plan provider. The unique point about the plans on offer is that for every plan sold, Rhian personally donates £10 to Hope House Children’s Hospice. As well as supporting the hospice, Rhian also donates where she can to other local charities that are in need. Proudly boasting that she is the only funeral director in Wem to have a Diploma in funeral arranging and administration, a qualification from the National Association of Funeral Directors, Rhian ensures that she is are able to meet the high standards that her business requires. In addition to being able to remain professional, Rhian must also be compassionate and sympathetic as well as be able to deal with distressing themes on a day to day basis. 2020 marks the fifth year of operation for R. Greaves & Co, and it has proven to be the most challenging so far. As we live through these unprecedented times, the Covid-19 pandemic has presented a new set of challenges to both the both the bereaved and to funeral directors. The restrictions which have been put in place are simply heart breaking for both parties in these situations. When asked about the challenges the restrictions have created, Rhian said “People are always looking for new ways and methods to hold a funeral, and this statement is no more truthful than currently. However, I feel that we are powerless in a time where we can’t fully do what we want for the families.” Jun20204 Despite the uncertainty, one thing that remains certain is R. Greaves & Co’s ability to deliver a beautiful service, regardless of any challenges that come their way. Looking ahead to what the future holds, Rhian is aiming to expand her business and her premises. Whilst she is a bit wary of expanding too much, Rhian believes that being an independent lady funeral director is an appealing factor to many of her clients. Ultimately, R Greaves & Co have very quickly become one of region’s leaders in the arrangement of funerals and Rhian is truly deserving of her award as Best Emerging Funeral Director 2020 (Shropshire). Company: R. Greaves & Co Contact: Rhian Greaves Web Address: