UK Enterprise 2020

230 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Ultimately, Olga’s mission is to reduce the divorce rate in the world by helping people to rebuild and reinvent themselves. If people could do that instead of walking away from relationships, families would be stronger and the next generation would have better role models for what families could look like. Through her work at New Life Kick Start, Olga hopes to start organising events globally to help people with changing their mindsets and reinventing themselves. As has been proven before, a sharp, positive, and solution-based mindset will survive any pandemic and catastrophic situation thanks to the successful adaptation and utilisation of a person’s skills and strengths. At New Life Kick Start, Olga can help anyone achieve that mindset and be prepared for whatever may come next in life. Company: New Life Kick Start Contact: Olga Geidane Website: Sometimes, individuals can find themselves stuck in a rut. Call it what you will, there may come a time where change isn’t just preferable; it is necessary to live the life that you have always wanted to. However, it can be hard to see a way out of that rut on your own. Enter, Olga Geidane, one of the best and most inspirational life coaches in the East Midlands. For a truly transformative experience, there are few better than Olga. Join us as we profile what makes this outstanding life coach so impactful in her daily work. Most Inspirational Life Coach (East Midlands): Olga Geidane Jul20412 Every client who has worked with Olga at New Life Kick Start can attest to the fact that they have undergone a true transformation. Whether it be improved levels of confidence, a sense of clarity and direction for their life, or a feeling of purpose in their career or relationship, clients experience life-changing realisations when working with Olga at New Life Kick Start. Clients can benefit from learning a lot about themselves that they may never have known before, leading to increased levels of self-respect and self-love. In turn, that can lead to losing weight and shaping up physically. There seems to be no end to the positive changes that Olga can help a client achieve, if they themselves want to. Olga takes clients through different stages of life, and they can all benefit from uplifting sessions that are rooted deep in altering a client’s mindset to achieve growth. Having worked with clients between 14 and 73, Olga strongly believes that it is never too late or too early to start a new life. The total and complete transformation of every area and aspect of a client’s life is where Olga has poured her energy, and as a result, does not specialise in a single area of a client’s life that she can improve. For example, Olga does not specialise in weight loss, but it has become a natural reaction of clients when they want to look after themselves better as a direct result of dealing with inner insecurities and limiting beliefs. Mindset change with Olga can also lead to financial prosperity. Having dealt with money blocks and negative thinking about money, clients have reported increases in their wages, business growth, and generally massive changes to personal financial situations. In addition to radically changing hugely important areas in a client’s life, Olga also educates her clients on the tools and techniques that she is using with them. By doing this, clients themselves can deal with similar situations and potential new issues in the future on their own. Olga’s starting point into the world of life coaching was counselling, and so clients can also benefit from partial counselling during the sessions should they require it. Over the years, Olga has continuously educated herself and constantly learns new things in order to help clients in the most effective ways possible. Olga’s inspiration for her work largely comes from the unfortunate statistic that the life coaching industry has become saturated and populated with individuals who merely finish a course on life coaching and do not invest in themselves as a result. Clients are receiving only limited help due to the limited knowledge that has been imparted on those who are teaching them. Olga herself strongly believes that coaching courses should include more of NLP and other psychology theories and practices, ensuring that students understand and read the client better, rather than simply relying on questions.