UK Enterprise 2020

231 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Fitness means different things to different people. For some it’s about strength, for some it’s about aesthetics and how they look, and for some it’s about living a healthier lifestyle. No matter what your goal, CrossFit UF are on hand to deliver truly fantastic and measurable results that could revolutionise your life. With some of the best trainers in the business, the team have achieved major success. We profile this facility to find out more. Best Specialist Functional Fitness Facility - Greater Manchester Some places stand apart from the rest. There’s something different about them. Crossfit UF is different. At CrossFit UF, you are guided by passionate coaches and supported by an encouraging community of members every step of the way. You don’t find any conventional weight machines here. For the team at CrossFit UF, the aim is to take a holistic approach that serves the whole body. It’s called Functional Fitness, and it lies at the heart of how CrossFit UF operates. Functional Fitness improves all facets of fitness and works all muscles from core to extremities along a neuromuscular pathway. Put simply, they specialise in a combination of gymnastics, cardio and strength, to serve the complete definition of ‘fitness’ . It’s an approach that has drawn people in, especially those who want to push their entire bodies to operate at their fittest and most capable. CrossFit is highly regarded as one of the most effective ways to get fit, combining a wide variety of functional movements into a timed or scored workout. The beauty of CrossFit is its ability to facilitate better performance in any chosen sports. The exercises involved enable all over body conditioning creating an improved basis to run faster, swim stronger, lift heavier, compete better and most of all live healthier! CrossFit UF doesn’t just offer CrossFit to its clients. As owner Mark Parkinson is a Level 3 Master Trainer, Level 2 British Weightlifting Coach, Level 1 CrossFit Coach and a Sports Diet and Nutritionist, the team are able to provide 1:1 coaching or tailored group sessions. The classes use functional fitness training to help clients, with sessions ranging from agility movement patterns to power, strength and cardio training. Each session is carefully structured to ensure focused progression in all elements of fitness. The exercises that are used at CrossFit UF encourage constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements that develop the muscles across the body. Many think that they cannot go to the gym because they are too old or too weak. At CrossFit UF, everyone is welcome, from children to professional athletes to pensioners. The training here is varied and beneficial to your overall fitness progression and goals. The workouts are meticulously designed, with every movement, weight or rep scheme having the ability to be scaled down to suit all levels of ability of the diverse community that the team has developed. At CrossFit UF, everyone is welcome, regardless of size, shape or fitness level. The community that the team have grown is the beating heart of CrossFit UF. Inside CrossFit UF there are no egos and encourage a community approach, this drives a supportive environment so every member has support from the other members around them. So it’s not surprising that CrossFit UF has the most supportive and determined members you’ll find from any gym. What is surprising and equally refreshing is the members all have different starting points and different goals, but equally strive for growth and improvement and this is why CrossFit UF manages to stand head and shoulders above the crowd. Other than the small team of 5, the amazing members make it the gym that it is. Much of the success of CrossFit UF is owed to founder and owner Mark Parkinson. He has always Jun20217 a passion for personal fitness, but found commercial gym environments limiting and stunting the growth and progression of his clients. The opening of this business, in many ways, was a natural progression for Mark, allowing him to embrace a whole new world of opportunity. At Crossfit UF, they combine cardio, gymnastics and weightlifting, all rolled into one through a skilfully created programme designed to make you stronger, fitter, healthier, and also looking and feeling better than you ever have before. The team have made enormous strides over the years, and despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, have found new ways to thrive in a challenging environment. The growth of the company over the last five years hasn’t been stunted at all, if anything it has inspired the team to reach new and greater heights, with exciting times ahead. Company: CrossFit UF Name: Mark Parkinson Address: CrossFit UF, Bark Street, Bolton, BL1 2AX Telephone: 07760166525 Email: Website: