UK Enterprise 2020

232 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 As the United Kingdom continues its recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, one of the activities that people have enjoyed returning to is eating at restaurants. August saw the UK government launch Eat Out to Help Out, and the restaurant industry has begun to return to life. One restaurant taking full advantage of the return and the UK’s coastlines is The Old Sail Loft, a truly exceptional seafood restaurant. Best Seafood Restaurant - Cornwall Aug20222 Established in 2005 and situated on the quay in Looe in Cornwall, The Old Sail Loft is a family-owned and operated seafood restaurant that serves up the best of British, as caught by the restaurant’s own fish merchants which began in 2010. On the east side of Looe and looking over the East Looe River as it heads out to sea, this exquisite eatery is about as close as a restaurant can come to the water in Cornwall. It is split up into two levels, with the lower level being a dog-friendly bar and seating area, and the upper level being home to the seventy-seater restaurant. From across Looe, Cornwall, and further afield, The Old Sail Loft has a strong, loyal, and local customer base that results in great repeat trade. Filled with history, the building that The Old Sail Loft is housed in is more than five hundred years old. Character oozes from every crack and crevice, and guests are made to feel as though they have stepped into a beautiful maritime restaurant that encapsulates the beauty of the sea. On a culinary front, The Old Sail Loft operates with the core value that everything it serves is made fresh on the premises by the young team of chefs. Every piece of produce is bought locally to support other producers and businesses in and around Looe, but the passion of the chefs is what makes the food so abundant in flavour and taste. Serving an affordable set menu, The Old Sail Loft offers a wide variety of delicious seafood dishes that are sure to tantalise the taste buds of any guest. Being based in Cornwall is hugely beneficial for this too, as the restaurant is able to tap into the wealth of delicious seafood that has come straight in from the harbour that very morning, as well as the incredible Cornish reared beef from Kittows, the area’s local farmer. There is a bounty of flavourful seafood to satisfy even the most seasoned of diners, from Thai fishcakes to seafood chowder, to seared scallops and Exmouth mussels; and that is just for starters. When it comes to dishing up the main fish courses, The Old Sail Loft ensures that it has schools of fish ready to go for those looking for a hearty meal. Classics adorn the menu, including fish and chips, or a pan-fried catch of the day. Perhaps guests would rather attempt the platters that come with an array of awesome fish dishes, including smoked salmon, prawns, anchovies, smoked mackerel, pickled clams, Cornish crab, and extra additions for flavour. Even the dessert selection is made to be light and perfectly complementary to the fish dishes that have gone before. With lemon tart, strawberry cheesecake, the Sail Loft mess, there is a powerhouse of punchy tastes to perfectly finish the meal. Each meal at The Old Sail Loft is carefully and lovingly prepared by the young team of chefs working at the restaurant. All of the staff are very keen and passionate in what they do; it is more than just a job to them. The plate is a canvas, and every meal is a work of art that demands the most careful of preparations. Where other restaurants may have been affected by the recent lockdown and pandemic, The Old Sail Loft has maintained its impeccably high standards and thoroughly intends to carry on that way. This is a restaurant of the highest quality, and is fully deserving of its success in this years’ UK Enterprise Awards from SME News. Company: The Old Sail Loft Restaurant Contact: Dominic Sadler Website: