UK Enterprise 2020

24 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Weddings are truly beautiful occasions, full of memories and moments that can be treasured for an entire lifetime to come. As two people begin their lives together under the most joyous of circumstances, one individual has an incredibly important role that simply cannot be left to chance; the photographer. When it comes to shooting the perfect wedding photographs, why leave it to chance? Lionize Weddings is one of the best in the business in Yorkshire, so we go behind the camera to find out more about the firm. Wedding Photographers of the Year 2020 - Yorkshire Jun20533 Over the past five years, Lionize has slowly but surely built up a reputation for delivering wedding photography that is world-class and outstandingly beautiful for the most beautiful of days. Since being founded, the business has managed to shoot wedding ceremonies and receptions all over Yorkshire and beyond, including some in Manchester and Liverpool. Throughout the last five years, both Carl and Luke at Lionize has been lucky enough to work with and in multiple venues, providing an array of services to each client on their big day, regardless of their sexual orientation. Everyone deserves to have the wedding day of their dreams, and Lionize endeavours to immortalise that love with every photograph. Since the first every wedding shoot that Lionize completed, it has noticed one thing in common with many people; they often are not a fan of having their picture taken. Understandable, given that Carl and Luke share the distaste for it also. That is why the photographs produced by the business are natural, candid, and able to perfectly capture a moment in time unseen by many others, but all are taken whilst the photographers simply go about their business. The team behind the photographs thrive on creativity and capturing every moment as it unfolds so as to present relaxed, yet professional, memorabilia for the special day. No two weddings are ever the same, whether it be differences in the style and character of each couple, or the way in which the Great British weather always seems to play its part. From the moment that Lionize receives a client’s first email, Carl and Luke know that they are in for another unique wedding that will be beautiful, no matter what. With that initial contact done, Lionize then makes it the mission to understand exactly what the couple want from their wedding photography service, and how best they can deliver it to the client through film and photography packages that it offers. Flexibility and approachability also make the firm a true delight to partner with for the wedding, and everything that comes with it. However, this passion for creativity and desire to make sure that the client gets exactly what they want does not mean that Lionize has gone its life without challenges. Initially, the firm found it difficult to compete with other fantastic wedding photographers that are out there, and so had to discover its own style of photography. The natural and in-the-moment style of photography that the firm now offers is the best thing for itself, and for clients that want that style of film and photography. Not only does it exquisitely capture the more intimate moments of the day, but it also allows the happy couple themselves to enjoy their day rather than be pulled away from spending time with their loved ones. There have also been a great number of changes throughout the years since Lionize firm came into being. For instance, wedding videos have become much more desirable in recent times thanks to the vastly expanding and improving technology within filmmaking. Now, films and videos can be made to such a high standard and quality that it has become a great deal more attractive to younger couples who want more ways to remember their special day. As such, Lionize has moved with the times and now prides itself on being prepared for these requests with high quality, robust equipment that is suitable for all types of videography and wedding film requirements. Since COVID-19 has taken over life in the United Kingdom, families have become closer than ever before. Having a film as part of the wedding collection only highlights the true value of family, and really shows what a special; and momentous occasion the wedding truly is. Being based in the United Kingdom has its benefits for both Carl and Luke at Lionize. The countryside is stunning, and the wealth of wedding venues is simply gorgeous across Yorkshire and beyond. With everything on the doorstep to so many cities, there are also so many people that can access the beauty of the countryside with endless possibilities. From the countless number of stunning houses and halls, to the more intimate and private venues, the United Kingdom provides couples and Lionize the perfect possible location for weddings and the photography that is such a staple of the day. Weddings are always changing and evolving, particularly with various trends and exciting new developments in the wedding world, and the same is true for Lionize. Carl and Luke have so many more ideas and challenges that they are wanting to take on in the not-too-distant future. Although weddings are something of a speciality for the pair, they are also hoping to branch out and establish another company; Lionize Photography. Through this sister firm, both Carl and Luke will aim to offer even more outstanding photography services outside of the wedding world. Services may include music video shoots, business films, and photography promotions. Whatever the client requirements, Lionize will always try and accommodate them. Ultimately, Lionize is a true success story for British business and wedding photography. Carl and Luke have grown and developed this business over the past five years to become one of the finest wedding photography businesses in Yorkshire, and the two men themselves have become astute businessmen that are adaptable and dependable. As 2021 beckons with new opportunities, challenges, and developments, Lionize will no doubt continue to capture beautiful weddings whilst venturing into new fields of fun and adventure. Company: Lionize Weddings Contact: Luke Ryves Website: