UK Enterprise 2020

241 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Health and safety must come first on any construction site, and for sites that depend on scaffolding arrangements, it pays to bring in an outside expert to ensure everything is set up correctly. The team behind Davenport Safety Services have proven time and again to be an invaluable asset, able to ensure that the highest standards are maintained. We dig a little deeper to see how they do it. Jun20405 The HSE has taken a stronger approach to workplace accidents in recent years. The law demands that scaffolds must be designed, erected then inspected before first use, then on an ongoing weekly basis. While this can be done by the scaffolding companies, as self- regulators, it does not always guarantee safety. Issues can be ignored, left unsafe and lead to accidents. An independent advisor is vital to site safety. The best, like Mark Davenport, provide a vital legal shield against any accidents that may occur. Mark and his team have years of experience and an exceptional reputation in the industry. Every visit that they make to a site means that the site owner receives a full and comprehensive published report that will prove the safety record of scaffolding. This report, carefully compiled to meet the most stringent of safety standards, gives a percentage score alongside detailed photographic evidence and recommendations for site improvement. The team’s commitment to safety drives all of the decisions that the company makes. It is why every report that is written is created by an experience inspector. The staff from Davenport Safety Services have spent years within the industry and know exactly how it operates. This means that they can quickly identify if scaffolds have been erected and maintained to the required standard and if any shortcuts have been taken in the construction process. The team are able to offer their services across the south east of England, including East & West Sussex, Kent, London, Home Counties, Oxford and Bournemouth. Having the range to travel to construction projects across such a wide breadth of the country allows the team to attend to the needs of many different clients. This need has only grown as the success of Davenport Safety Services has become more renowned. Alongside the important work that the team undertakes with scaffolding safety, they also specialise in in-house training, method statement and risk assessment production, policy and procedure production, independent accident investigation, anchor tie testing as recognised by the CFA, and all types of inspections and site audits. Bringing in the Davenport Safety Services team is not just a way of ensuring that scaffolding is up to scratch, but to guarantee the safety of everyone who is on sight. Because the team has been able to offer so many different services, the firm has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the construction sector. It’s a credit to the team’s integrity and high standards that the National Trust, Walter Lilly, Kier and Grangewood Southern are just some of the clients with whom Davenport Safety Services have worked. The impressive reputation that Davenport Safety Services has been able to develop is a credit to the hard work of the team who have brought it effortlessly to life. Drawing on years of expertise, this is a team that is committed to raising safety standards across the industry. Company: Davenport Safety Services Name: Mark Davenport Web Address: Best Scaffold Inspection Company - South East England