UK Enterprise 2020

243 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Most people have hidden space inside their house, just waiting to be used. The loft is an area often ignored by many, but holding a great deal of potential. The team at Instaloft Ltd have proven to be some of the most experienced providers in the business. With the ability to adapt to almost any housing situation, they’re worthy winners in this year’s UK Enterprise Awards. We turn our attention to this incredible firm to find out more. Loft Boarding Specialists of the Year 2020 -UK The loft represents immense potential in the house. It’s a space that is often underutilised, but with a little effort can offer enormous opportunities. Instaloft are the leading installer of the award winning Loftzone Storefloor Raised Loft Boarding; the only BBA approved system that will protect insulation. The team have a great deal of experience in finding ways to install their lofting solution in a variety of different circumstances. If a house has a loft, the team have a way of installing their boarding. This allows the business to work in houses from all backgrounds, including new-builds, pre-1975 housing and post-1975 houses. In fact, Instaloft holds the distinction of being able to install the only loft boarding for new-builds that won’t void the new-build warranty. The LoftZone Loft Boarding System is the beating heart of the company, and comes with many advantages over its competitors that have allowed Instaloft to thrive. Firstly, it is the only system with CE kitemarked parts, designed to be strong safe and long-lasting. Though it is possible to install standard boarding, this opens up a host of new problems for the home owner. LoftZone’s system guarantees the protection of insulation, wiring and pipework. The team that make up Instaloft are some of the most qualified in the business, with only the most talented fitters employed to ensure that every single job is completed to the highest standards. The customers who turn to Instaloft are guaranteed an efficient, expert service. The team are so confident in the quality of their work that there are no up-front payments. Instead, customers only pay when they are satisfied the job is done. This builds a great deal of trust between the two parties. The major benefits of working alongside Instaloft for any loft installation do not come directly from the system, but the speed with which it can be installed. While some projects can take days and weeks to come together, the average Instaloft installation process lasts about a day. This speed is a credit to the hardworking and experienced team who always ensure that no quality is lost at any point in the process. The benefits of choosing Instaloft for your project requirements are obvious, and the team have found themselves in high demand across the UK. Now covering the West Midlands, East Midlands, Cambridgeshire, Yorkshire, Essex, Suffolk, Oxen, Berkshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire South Wales, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Cheshire, Manchester, Warrington and everywhere in between, there is no reason not to ask the team for assistance. The work that Instaloft delivers is always exceptional, and this has gone a long way to establishing the Aug20121 firm on as one to watch when it comes to UK Enterprise. With more people finding space a much-desired commodity, it’s little wonder that the potential of the loft has become much more attractive to many. It’s an approach that will see the business continuing to prosper for many years to come. Name: Rob Stone Web Address: