UK Enterprise 2020

244 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Jul20559 Tarot & Crystal Reader of the Year 2020 (Southern England): Stephen Murray Many things can be explained, but some things cannot. These inexplicable events are part of something much larger than the world many of us know and believe in. However, there are those who are able to tap into these events and extract information that seems impossible to know. One such individual is Stephen Murray, and his list of skills is as extensive as it is extraordinary. A truly unique individual, we examine Murray’s work and highlight his skills in this profile. Using higher powers, Steve PSYCHICWITCH aims to provide answers and guidance for problems that many of his clients face in their personal and professional lives. In his time dealing with the paranormal, Steve PSYCHICWITCH has refined and honed his gifts to become an expert in many different aspects and facets of the unknown. As well as being a tarot and crystal reader, Steve PSYCHICWITCH is a gifted clairvoyant, empath, counsellor, and advisor to his clients, many of whom seek him out for help and guidance in their everyday problems, and their paranormal ones also. For Steve PSYCHICWITCH, his purpose is clear. His goal, through spiritual guidance, is to empower his clients to make the best choices along their pathway in life. Where others can be deliberately vague and unconvincing, Steve PSYCHICWITCH is a breath of fresh air. Instead, he always promises and delivers direct and honest answers to questions, many of which are informed by his gifted set of abilities. Whatever the circumstances, whether it be reunited a broken relationship, seeking clarity on health issues, or venturing into the world of love and romance, Steve PSYCHICWITCH is able to connect with his client’s energy in a bid to help guide them through their situations. Armed with Steve PSYCHICWITCH’s advice and insight, clients can then choose to make the decisions that will benefit their lives, and achieve them the very best results possible. There are key differences between many of the otherworldly abilities and gifts that can manifest themselves in individuals, but Steve PSYCHICWITCH uses both psychic and witchcraft powers to advise his clients on their situations and on the ideal results. When using his abilities, Steve PSYCHICWITCH says that he can emit a very strong feeling into a client’s past, present, and future, which is what allows him to then give advice, whether it be regarding a relationship, a job, or a financial situation. Steve PSYCHICWITCH is also available to answer any questions regarding his use of tarot cards or his reading of astrological signs. Bringing clarity with insight, Steve PSYCHICWITCH utilises the gifts he has been given in a way that is specific and personal to his clients. The service that Steve PSYCHICWITCH provides comes with a number of guarantees to help put clients at ease, and make the service even better. Firstly and perhaps most importantly, Steve PSYCHICWITCH ensures that his clients speak only to him directly, with no-one else involved. Alongside using all of his knowledge and expertise in the paranormal arts, Steve PSYCHICWITCH ensures that he is always kind, friendly, and helpful in his service. Some of the tools that Steve PSYCHICWITCH uses in his work are also available for purchase through his online store, and includes crystals, stones, candles, incense sticks, meditation music, relaxing music, rune stones, tarot cards, dream catchers, Egyptian artefacts, organic oils, and so much more. Using these tools, Steve PSYCHICWITCH can undertake a great many techniques and services for his clients, and aims to give them the best possible experience of the paranormal. Ultimately, Steve PSYCHICWITCH is a man of many talents, and for those who require clarity from unexpected places, he is the perfect choice of clairvoyant and psychic witch. Company: Psychic Witch Contact: Stephen Murray Website: Steve PSYCHICWITCH has refined and honed his gifts to become an expert in many different aspects and facets of the unknown.