UK Enterprise 2020

245 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Jun20223 Debt Advisory Firm of the Year 2020 Managing debt is not an easy task, particularly for those families who have managed to lose control of their finances. Regaining some normality over these matters allows people to plan for the future. At the Collins Morgan Group, the team have years of expertise in helping people to get back in control of their finances and their lives. We profile the firm in the light of their astonishing achievements to find out more. When Kristofer Day started Collins Morgan, it was with 12 years of experience working in the area of Scottish debt solutions behind him. Now, the family run firm has been able to make an extraordinary different to many people’s lives, as they undertake an important role in ensuring that the stresses of day-to-day life can be left behind. Thousands of Scottish residents have been helped out of debt by this passionate team, who know any number of official legislated processes that can help recover some sort of control. These situations can be incredibly stressful and the advisors at Collins Morgan take great care to be as kind and friendly as possible when getting you back on your feet. They do not judge, they just want to help. Many members of the team have been trained to offer support for the stress that an unfavourable financial situation brings. Creditors can be ruthless, but this is a team who have your back. Most people who turn to Collins Morgan know that they have a debt problem, but do not know where to go next. The team have put a number of measures in place to ensure that making the first step is as straightforward as possible. The team are always on hand if you want to have a friendly phone call, and the website contains a comprehensive Debt Calculator. From this information, the team is able to analyse the situation in detail, explore each of the many options available and present them in clear, simple and jargon-free terms. The team is able to offer many different methods to lead people out of debt. Some of the tools that are used include Trust Deeds, Individual Voluntary Arrangements, Secured Loans, Sequestration, Debt Relief Orders & Debt Arrangements. These each have their own benefits and problems, so they must be used in specific situations. The team at Collins Morgan have the knowledge and experience to know exactly what methods must be used at the appropriate teams to alleviate challenging situations. Every situation that the Collins Morgan team handle is unique, and the team are committed to taking the necessary time to ensure that they have dealt with each case to the highest possible standard. They have an armoury of debt solutions available to them that can be applied in a number of different ways, as well as close connections with a range of popular creditors. These connections have been tremendously helpful to many in the past. Collins Morgan has such a strong reputation for delivery that the team are able to access debt plans that other debt relief companies cannot hope to receive. Located in Glasgow, the team at Collins Morgan have made it their business to ensure that they have close ties with the local community. To this end, the team are proud to sponsor a number of organisations, including football clubs like Celtic, Rangers and Motherwell FC. For those who work at Collins Morgan, it ensures the team is grounded in the local area. The heart of Collins Morgan is helping those people who just need a little push to get back on track. Everyone gets into debt, but some struggle to get out of it more than others. Their continued success in the field makes them worthy winners in this year’s UK Enterprise Awards. Company: Collins Morgan Group Ltd Name: Kristofer Day Web Address: