UK Enterprise 2020

248 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Jun20406 Best Boutique Matchmaking Service 2020 - South East England What does it mean when you can’t find that perfect someone? It can be a debilitating process where you feel like you’re meant to be alone. The team at the Hope Spring Eternal Introduction Agency know that you’re not. They know how to find that perfect someone who can be with you for the long-term. Pushing algorithms aside for people power, they can see the potential sparks that will fly between their clients – it’s what they do best. We profile the firm to find out more. Hope should spring eternally for everyone. That’s been the philosophy of HSEIA since the very beginning and is an approach that has allowed them to achieve incredible results in the dating scene for many. The standards are high, but they have to be when people are looking to find the perfect partner to share a lifetime with. HSEIA is designed for use by busy professionals who need someone to help them connect with the love of their life while they’re busy living their life. Many modern dating services use algorithms and AI to calculate what people share and how they will interact, but HSEIA has always championed the intuition that only the best relationship experts bring. Proven evaluation tools and personality assessments are adapted from the world of executive recruiting. This high-end process is what allows the team to accurately identify what you prefer and what you desire. The benefits of working alongside HSEIA are obvious. Instead of wasting time and money on disappointing dates that could have been avoided with just a little more information, the HSEIA team ensure that you only meet people who you share interests with. Instead of limiting choices to friends or friends of friends, HSEIA has a host of exciting possibilities who you could be matched with quickly and painlessly. The agency has gathered clients from a variety of different career paths and industry sectors, including corporate executives, business owners, physicians, athletes, entertainment industry professionals, tech tycoons, engineers, politicians, independently wealthy high net-worth individuals. The broad nature of this network of potential matches means that all different ages, backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, lifestyles and stages of life are represented. With such a broad clientele, it’s little wonder that the HSEIA team has an international mindset. Many of their clients work around the world, splitting their time between different cities. They need partners who are willing to be flexible in how they live and what they do. As a result, Hope Springs Eternal introduction Agency offers clients a matchmaking experience that meets these demands, operating in all major metropolitan areas of the United Kingdom and a wide selection of other countries. There are two ways of becoming a member of HSEIA, a critical step in accessing this incredible resource that could revolutionise your love life. For women, there is a fee-based Client program and for men, there is a paid program. Both come with the promise of confidentiality, with records being kept offline at every point. Because no one is identical, both programs can be customised to meet the requirements of the individual. While extra fees have become the norm among other agencies in the matchmaking industry, the HSEIA team have always ensured that they do not charge their clients extra for consultations, monthly fees, or relationship coaching. Every client is different and will require different levels of support, so it is unfair to charge more because of this. During the process, the matchmaker will be a client’s guide, confidant and cheerleader, leading them to the point where they are in a healthy and happy relationship. They hold a duty of care which has allowed the firm to achieve such success. Company: Hope Spring Eternal Introduction Agency Name: Nomsa MNcube Web Address: Proven evaluation tools and personality assessments are adapted from the world of executive recruiting.