UK Enterprise 2020

250 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Aug20219 Most Entertaining Stage & Close-Up Magician - South East England Entertainment can take many forms, but one unanimously uniting factor amongst the many things that people find entertaining is a sense of wonder and excitement. A sense of thrill that can only be matched by finding out how it was done. Magic is perhaps one of the most enthralling forms of entertainment, as an audience watches an impossible event unfold before their eyes, yet done in a seemingly effortless and brilliant manner. Magician Stephen Simmons has mastered this form of entertainment, and duly won the award for Most Entertaining Stage & Close-Up Magician – South East England. We find out how. A corporate entertainer extraordinaire, Stephen Simmons is one of the most in-demand magicians currently plying his trade across the United Kingdom. Alongside his regular appearances on local and national BBC radio stations, Stephen is also the entertainer of choice for some of the world’s biggest companies when hosting their corporate events in the heart of London. The likes of Adidas, Apple, Google, Hilton, IBM, Lloyds, Paramount Pictures, and Rolls Royce have all enlisted the services of Stephen, and not been disappointed with the results. His dexterity and mastery over the magic he performs is nothing short of spellbinding and a true joy to watch every single time. As a certified member of the Magic Circle, Stephen is amongst the best magicians of his era, and can leave guests totally bamboozled and utterly entertained. Younger than many of his competitors and other successful performers within the magic industry, Stephen is a naturally gifted magician as well as being a born showman. As a magician and psychological illusionist, Stephen is able to use his background and qualifications in psychology and NLP. When mixed with the skill of a magician, this is the perfect concoction for top quality entertainment. His knack for entertaining is matched only by his skill with his hands. Stephen brings a freshness to the talent in the magic industry, and his approach to entertainment is as cheeky as it is charming; as fluid as it is fearless in the face of discerning audiences. At all times however, no matter how cheeky or charming Stephen is being, he places top priority on his professionalism and reliability in his performance. When entertaining a crowd, Stephen blends his magic with comedy to put on an unforgettable show for clients. Stephen’s gift for engaging with all manner of different clients is unparalleled, and he always strives to make everyone feel welcome and included in his shows. His sleight-of-hand tricks are polished, and different from the norm to ensure a show that many guests will not have seen before. However, perhaps his forte lies in mental manipulation. From spellbinding hypnotism, to astounding levels of mind-reading and persuasion, Stephen’s show gets everyone shrieking at what should rightly be impossible. In fact, it would not be wrong to place Stephen among the greats in the industry, such as Derren Brown. Unfortunately, the entirety of the magic industry has suffered immensely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown in the United Kingdom. The arts in particular have struggled to return to normal with the impact on venues and social distancing preventing many from getting back to some semblance of normality. However, Stephen has remained positive and worked some magic in order to adapt his offerings. Now, he has rebranded a new form of virtual and digital magic that is perfect for Zoom-based business meetings and online shows for those who need some much-needed entertainment in these uncertain times. Ultimately, magic is a wonderful form of entertainment that can be easy to pick up and hard to master. Stephen is a true master of the magic arts, and has turned his passion into something that brings great joy to people; a thing that residents of the United Kingdom could do with a lot more of at this moment in time. While the country continues to live in the shadow of the virus, Stephen is shining his joyous light of entertainment and comedy everywhere he goes, and is fully deserving of the title of Most Entertaining Stage & Close-Up Magician – South East England. Company: Stephen Simmons Contact: Stephen Simmons Website: