UK Enterprise 2020

UK Enterprise Awards 2020 | 29 Best Textiles Mechanical Engineering Company of the Year 2020 The future is very much coloured by the need to find appropriate staff to perform the work. Recently, the team lost a member who had been with MKN Engineering since the start. Now happily retired, he was replaced by an exceptional engineer. This process has made it all the clearer that preparations must be made to find other staff if need be. This is doubly important if MKN Engineering wishes to continue its plans for expansion. As the workload increases, and textile manufacture is a sector relatively unaffected by COVID-19, the need to take on more staff becomes increasingly obvious. The pandemic has proven to be the perfect time to consider what paths lie ahead, acting as a breathing space for the firm after ten years of busy activity. Engineering firms have been the backbone of the British economy since the industrial revolution and MKN Engineering joins a noble pantheon of businesses that have achieved enterprise success. Company: MKN Engineering Ltd Name: Mark Newton Web Address: