UK Enterprise 2020

32 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Jul20215 Established in January 1999, but running as Ltd since 2011, Sophia Cargo is a privately-owned West London-based business that offers bespoke air freight collections for temperature-sensitive cargo such as fruit, vegetables, flowers, fish, and pharmaceuticals. Following the events of COVID-19, Sophia Cargo’s success is made even more evident, and so we take a closer look to find out more. Having been in business for a little over twenty years, Sophia Cargo has come through some of the most difficult periods in British business history, including the financial crash of 2008 and its subsequent recovery. COVID-19 may have posed a new challenge, but it is one that Sophia Cargo faces every single day with determination and dedication to excellence. Bespoke air freight collections for temperature- sensitive cargo such as fruit, vegetables, flowers, fish, and pharmaceuticals is where the firm specialises, and it offers these services to freight forwarders based in the United Kingdom as well as direct growers in the country. Operating from a secure facility at Mentfield UK, which is operational twenty four hours a day, Sophia Cargo is a small family business that is built on integrity, honesty, and world-class customer service. Armed with these core values, Sophia Cargo has targeted higher profile clients by demonstrating its operations to clients and just how exceptional they are. Market leaders in logistics had a very large lead ahead of the firm, and the ability to dictate prices to eliminate competition, but that has not stopped Sophia Cargo from attempting to become a market leader. The firm has managed to tap into the market, not with its prices, but with its relationships and attention to detail to clients. Every client is made to feel as though their success is paramount to Sophia Cargo, as the firm treats the clients’ priorities as its own. In demonstrating integrity, honesty, respect, transparency, and a desire to follow through on promises, Sophia Cargo has inspired trust with its employees, stakeholders, and clients alike. Throughout the firm’s history, Sophia Cargo has always sought to improve its outcomes, create value for the clients, and meet their continuously evolving needs. Sophia Cargo leverages the collective skills, ideas, and contributions of its staff to deliver the best possible results, thus leading to new, exceptional, and innovative results for itself and the clients. The firm’s personal relationship with clients and high quality customer services to each and every client, irrespective of how much they subcontract, has made the large global freight forwarders and growers turn towards Sophia Cargo. With expertise in serving the air freight industry since 1997, the firm has evolved to create quick turnaround times on air freight from the airline shed to clients. Across the last twenty one years, there have also been a large number of changes and trends that Sophia Cargo has had to be aware of. It has seen an increased competitiveness in the industry, specifically focused on drivers becoming owner drivers in a bid to run down Best Air Freight Collections Transport Business - London