UK Enterprise 2020

38 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Good security is vital to the way we work, ensuring that people, property and premises are always safe. The team at StrongGuard Security UK Ltd have built up a well-deserved reputation for excellence, ensuring that every aspect of a client’s security needs are met. We took a closer look at this impressive firm in the light of their incredible success. Best Business Premises Security Company - North West England Jul20114 At the very heart of StrongGuard Security UK is a simple mission: the safety, security and protection of their clients. No matter what the industry, people, property and assets are the team’s number one priority. StrongGuard Security UK provide this service across the UK, working alongside their clients to deliver the best possible service. What StrongGuard Security UK brings to each project is an all-inclusive approach. No aspect of security is ignored or outside of the team’s control. Each team member is highly skilled and fully trained security specialist with in-depth knowledge of the field. Whether it’s acting as a store detective in a shopping centre or ensuring an active construction site is secure from vandals, StrongGuard Security UK can provide the perfect solution anytime, anyplace. Just some of the services that StrongGuard Security UK provide include manned guarding, retail security, reception and construction security. As the team can also provide manned patrols and react to any alarm or CCTV at a location, clients are sit back and relax as the team tackle any problem with perfect safety. Many businesses trust StrongGuard Security UK to keep their properties safe, and the team manage this thanks to the broad range of services they can provide, each delivered to the same exceptionally high standards. To ensure that the team are able to deliver on their promise of exceptional service, StrongGuard Security UK essentially acts as a wing of the client’s company. Each case is unique, and the team have proven themselves more than capable of adapting to each specific circumstance. This superb customer service is achieved through working closely with clients. The team do not have ‘contracts’, instead preferring to develop strategic partnerships that encourages both sides to go the extra mile. Providing an exceptional service is paramount to the team at StrongGuard Security UK, and the team undertake a great deal of work to guarantee that every client gets the service they deserve. A pragmatic approach, guided by integrity, guides the team forward. Regular client feedback is sought so that any dissatisfaction can be dealt with quickly and the team are always looking for ways to improve how they do their work. This determination to be the best in the business is what encourages the team to remain at the cutting- edge, and is why clients trust StrongGuard Security UK to make the right decisions for their safety. These deep partnerships of trust do not just apply to clients, with StrongGuard Security UK developing close relationships with local and national authorities. These proactive partnerships have been a major boost to the business, allowing them access to resources that many security firms cannot get. It’s just another reason why the company has not only achieved such success, but is continuing to grow at a significant pace. Over the last few years, the team has been proud to work alongside some of the most impressive brands in the country, offering a range of different security services, each tailored to suit individual needs. Brands such as Asda, the Sanctuary Group and Cadent have made use of their services to name but a few. The Event Director at Alton Towers has praised the team for their efforts at the theme park’s Fireworks Extravaganza. Tasked with providing vital event security and crowd management, the Director explained that “their management could not do enough for us and their staff were extremely professional, courteous and helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending StrongGuard and will certainly be utilising their services again.” Similar praise was received from Lifeways Inclusive Lifestyles Ltd, a provider of “supported living” facilities. Here, the Registered Service Manager observed that “the team work very well together, they are clearly directed positively from the management, but also the team are very well experienced and driven to give an excellent service. What stands out for me is that are willing to go that extra mile to ensure that the service they provide is second to none.” It’s clear that StrongGuard Security UK is not only much liked by clients, but able to deliver an exceptional service without fail. Working nationwide, the team have managed to achieve great things in the last few years and have been recognised for these efforts beyond SME’s UK Enterprise Awards. StrongGuard Security UK has strong position within the top 5% of SIA approved contractors in the UK and is accredited with the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. These achievements not only demonstrate the incredibly high standards to which the team operates but shows the company’s continuing commitment to raising their own standards even further. The team that make up StrongGuard Security UK are key to the firm’s continued success. The company has put in stringent recruitment processes, looking at a person’s background, finances and competence amongst other things, to ensure that the outstanding service they provide will continue to be upheld. A passion for the job and an expert knowledge of the field is what sets apart all those who work at StrongGuard Security UK, and new recruits are no exception. They are integrated into the company’s mission from day one, which not only allows them to quickly find their place within the firm, but to find their place in the team as well. It’s a way of continuing to build the all-important trust that sets the team apart from the rest of the competition. While StrongGuard Security UK has committed to high standards, many businesses have begun to cut costs on security, limited by the constraints