UK Enterprise 2020

UK Enterprise Awards 2020 | 39 we’re sure that their success in this year’s UK Enterprise Awards is far from their last. Company: StrongGuard Security UK LTD Name: Tony Bourke Email: Best Business Premises Security Company - North West England of budget. Often, these companies will employ untrained, unprofessional firms to handle their security work. The standards are not comparable with what can be achieved when working alongside a firm such as StrongGuard Security UK. Not only do they have proven and impressive credentials, but can offer clients total security that what they do is above board and trustworthy. If they promise something, it will be delivered. If a service can be provided more cost-effectively, that’s just what the team will do. While StrongGuard Security UK is a firm proudly based in the UK, it’s little wonder that the team are looking to expand their services into other areas. Thoughts of going international have already encouraged the company to explore new territories, with the ambitions of running offices in Europe, Australia and America within the next ten years. In the security industry, only the brightest and best can hope to achieve such high-flying ambitions, which makes it a perfect aim for this intrepid team. It’s little wonder that the team has been able to achieve such success in the industry, committed as they are to offering an exceptional service that gives clients some much needed support. As they look aboard further afield for new opportunities,