UK Enterprise 2020

4 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 A note from the Editor... SME-News are delighted to present to you the 4th annual UK Enterprise Awards, proudly encompassing a multitude of exciting and vibrant businesses & industries from all over the nation. With over 5.9 million SME’s in the UK alone, 2020 is set to be a defining year for small-medium sized businesses and their proud owners! As a business community, the SME’s of the United Kingdom are renowned for their ability to thrive under the most diverse of circumstances and as our country treads an uncertain political path, regarding the EU referendum, the dedication of the UK’s SME’s remain the backbone of the UK ensuring the growth of our economy year on year. Not only are SME owners able to recognise and identify space within their chosen market place but they are also able to connect with customers and clients on a personal level ensuring a premium level of service and highly targeted product year on year. This prestigious program is open to any business trading in the United Kingdom that identifies as a small to medium sized enterprise. The aim of our 2020 UK Enterprise Awards is, without a doubt, to find the best businesses across the nation! If successful, this accolade provides you with the affirmation that you truly are a leader within your field as well as providing you with the opportunity to share your business amongst our circulation and website users. Laura Brookes | Editor +44 (0) 20 3970 0082