UK Enterprise 2020

UK Enterprise Awards 2020 | 47 Most Eco-Friendly CBD Products Brand 2020 & Most Innovative CBD Vape Solution 2020: CBD POD® VAPE KIT installation system that allows instant airflow controlled by the new smart ASIC chip. Each CBD POD® that Hempstro offers has a ceramic coil built within them, and this gives a purer taste without leaving any burnt aftertaste in the mouth. As previously stated, the simplicity of the CBD vape pods allows them to be changed effortlessly. Unlike other vape kits, the CBD pod vape kits requires no refills or changing coils. With a choice of different terpene profiles to meet different needs. On top of the outstanding services and products that Hempstro provides, the firm also seeks to find and use alternatives to the traditionally- used single-use plastics. Everybody that works at Hempstro is incredibly passionate about protecting the environment, whether from dangerous waste, harmful chemicals that are put into the Earth or using up unsustainable resources. This is why bamboo straws are also exceptional. Bamboo is fast-growing, meaning it is sustainable and it soaks up carbon dioxide as it grows. Hempstro’s bamboo is 100% organically grown without the use of any artificial pesticides or other harmful chemicals, ensuring its growth doesn’t damage the environment. Even paper straws, which can sometimes be recycled, are only used once before they have been thrown away. Hempstro’s reusable bamboo straws can be used over and over to help protect the environment before and during their use. They are fully washable and dishwasher safe, as well as being strong, durable, odourless, and equally ideal for hot or cold drinks. Finally, when they have to be disposed of, they can be safely recycled. Ultimately, Hempstro is a firm that has got the right idea of what wellness is. Wellness should extend to everyone and everything, and Hempstro makes sure that its products and its processes exude that on a daily basis. Whether it be looking after the planet or the people that live on it, this firm has cracked the code of CBD without adding to the strain already felt on so many environments around the world. A truly outstanding example of British business at its best. Contact: Bapander Singh Khaneja Website: