UK Enterprise 2020

48 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Investment and wealth management is something that every financially astute person or organisation should take into consideration, especially when planning for how future generations will utilise the wealth that has been generated. At Oakmount and Partners, the firm’s aim is to help clients eliminate the gap between where they are now financially, and where they want to be. As we profile the firm, we also look at what Oakmount and Partners offer and why it has been successful in this years’ UK Enterprise Awards from SME News. Best Corporate Investment Consultancy 2020 Jul20532 Financial wealth differs from person to person or corporate entity to corporate entity. Everyone handles their wealth in different ways, and there can be no one-size-fits-all solution for wealth management or corporate placed investment. Oakmount and Partners aim to help its clients bridge the gap between their current financial status and their financial goals. To succeed, the firm works with clients to establish, improve, and implement long-term strategic plans that make it possible for them to meet their financial purposes. Each plan is carefully customised and tailored, as well as being based upon risk profile and return targets. Armed with this information, Oakmount and Partners aim to produce the perfect long-term performance trajectory for its clients. What Oakmount and Partners do better than its competitors is to assure the client that their capital performs in the best way, which is essential to meeting their unique purposes or financial goals. At the same time, the firm also continually investigates new and enhanced strategies and opportunities that will more beneficially serve the client’s financial purposes, goals, and ambitions. Consequently, Oakmount focuses on achieving certain return targets and yields of between 7 and 12% annually for clients. Oakmount and Partners are strategically positioned beside industry experts to enable its clients to feel secure in the knowledge that their investment and retirement plans are complete, and efficiently organised with courtesy and transparency. Protecting the best interest of the clients and achieving their financial targets are the hallmark of Oakmount and Partners. As an established business, it treats every client as a strategic partner and has four key principles that it adheres to in all its business activity: knowledge, commitment, nurture, and growth. These principles guide the firm’s relationship with clients, developing trust and promising clarity and transparency as it develops a personal strategy which is right for them. Guided by these four imperatives, Oakmount and Partners constantly strive to implement the initiatives required to achieve its vision for working with each client. In doing this, Oakmount and Partners deliver on its promise to produce service excellence in all its commitments to the many clients that it serves. Being based in the United Kingdom has a great many benefits for Oakmount and Partners, as it does for many other firms. The United Kingdom is a leading financial service centre, with the highest concentration of global financial institutions in the world. Therefore, it can benefit from working in a stable environment whilst also ensuring that its clients have the very best opportunities to prosper financially. Having a strong foothold in one place has also allowed Oakmount and Partners to become a firm that is immensely proud of the quality of work that is delivered throughout the United Kingdom; a feeling that may one day be replicated elsewhere. Staff working at Oakmount and Partners have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything that is undertaken, regardless of size or importance. Delivering top-quality service every single time is no small feat, but one that the team looks forward to every day with unending enthusiasm. Though it may be involved in a wide variety of activities, both financial and otherwise, Oakmount and Partners take a great amount of pride in being the best rather than the biggest. Regardless, the staff stress creativity and imagination in everything it does, and every avenue it pursues on behalf of its clients. While recognising that the old ways may still be the best, Oakmount and Partners constantly strive to find a better solution to a client’s problems. The firm prides itself on having pioneered many of the practices and techniques that have become standard across the industry. Innovation is a key part, but so is teamwork, and Oakmount and Partners emphasises the importance of teamwork in everything it does. Whilst individual creativity is always encouraged, the firm has found that team effort often produces the best results; there is no room for those who put their personal interests ahead of the interest of the firm and its clients. At Oakmount and Partners, the firm considers its position in the marketplace as an asset that it tries exceptionally hard to preserve. Looking to the foreseeable future, the firm wants to be big enough to undertake the greatest projects that any of its clients could even begin to Each plan is carefully customised and tailored, as well as being based upon risk profile and return targets. Armed with this information, Oakmount and Partners aim to produce the perfect long-term performance trajectory for its clients.