UK Enterprise 2020

50 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Jul20527 Best Private Business Transportation Company - Lancashire Believing in luxury and comfort, and fully able to deliver on those beliefs, Brownhill Corporate Hire is quite unlike any other average taxi company. Over the years, the business has slowly but surely built a solid reputation for providing friendly and prompt services for its clients across Lancashire and the surrounding areas. Ranging from everyday school runs to airport transfers and luxuriously stylish travel, Brownhill can cater for every client need. We take a peek under the hood of this brilliant business to find out more. Whether it be for a last-minute dash to work, or travelling in style when jetting off to the far side of the world, having a dependable and reliable taxi service that can cater to both needs is hard to find in the world these days. However, in the heart of Lancashire lies a business that continually fulfils these needs and so many more. Brownhill offers something more than your average taxi firm. It believes in luxury and comfort, no matter the length of the journey. With its range of executive cars, Brownhill promises its riders a comfortable, relaxed, and stress-free journey. All of the drivers working for Brownhill are well-trained, licensed, and truly professional in every sense of the world. Understanding that people travel at all times of the day and night, the firm also makes sure that it is available 24/7, so that riders can always count on them for a prompt taxi service. At present, Brownhill is in the process of building a mini-fleet of executive cars ranging from classic Audis to full-blown luxurious Rolls Royce vehicles. With a team of professionally trained chauffeur drivers, this is no ordinary taxi firm; this is a business determined to make every taxi ride feel like royalty. As a relatively new business, creating a bond with clients can be difficult. However, Brownhill has remained wholly committed to showing its clients that it is the best, building with them and catering to their every need and making sure the client is always the priority. Being one of many private taxi companies in Lancashire, Brownhill is always trying to build itself bigger and better, and finding a uniqueness is a great way to make people pick up the phone and call them rather than someone else. By introducing clients to the new Brownhill application, the business has given its clients a more convenient way of booking a ride. Picking a time, place, and vehicle of choice has never been easier online, and Brownhill is certainly doing everything it possibly can to ensure stress- free travel. However, that is not always possible. Stress will no doubt have been exacerbated for many people by the ongoing pandemic caused by COVID-19. Bearing this in mind and wanting to make its clients comfortable, Brownhill has introduced visors, face masks, daily car washes, and sanitisation to all its clients, vehicles, and drivers to reduce the risk of transmission as much as possible. Further down the line, Brownhill hopes to make things even safer for all the individuals that are part of a journey by introducing contactless card payments to help keep everyone safe. It is not just itself and its clients that Brownhill has been thinking of during the pandemic. Throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brownhill has also worked alongside the NHS to help deliver food and medicine to those who need it most, such as the elderly and those at high risk of catching the virus. Not only does the business deliver luxurious and smooth travel, but it constantly goes the extra mile to keep people safe and keep communities together. That same community feel is also what makes being based in the United Kingdom so special for many of those who work at the company and also use Brownhill’s service. Being born and raised on the country roads of Lancashire provides each individual with an affinity for the roads themselves. These beautiful English roads are ones that the drivers can revisit day after day, and remember fond memories of growing up. Memories that are also shared with the clients themselves, on occasion. With some drivers having worked in the taxi industry for more than a decade, there is a camaraderie shared between driver and passenger as they journey through the roads that have made up their very different histories. That camaraderie has also led to clients becoming loyal and valued over time. Brownhill began its foray into the world of luxury taxi driving in May 2019, and has barely begun its journey. Within the first year alone, the firm has managed to build a team of more than fifty Faraz Ali, Managing Director & Habib Ali, Father