UK Enterprise 2020

UK Enterprise Awards 2020 | 51 “His 30+ years of experience has taught me how this is all done and all praises are for him if it was not for him I would not be where I am today without his knowledge and guidance.” Best Private Business Transportation Company - Lancashire drivers, with its vehicle range expanding at the same rate. Whatever the client needs, Brownhill can deliver it, whether it be a hatchback, estate, saloon, MPV, or minibus. All are in excellent condition, and kept to a very high standard of cleanliness and road-worthiness to ensure the client’s maximum comfort and security. In order to keep the employees and drivers happy, Brownhill operates with clear communication, transparency, and strong leadership. Everyone has a clear understanding and a true commitment to the work that Brownhill is doing, and that is down to the leadership. Together, the firm has bonded to become a very diverse team that has a core relationship based on mutual trust and respect. Armed with this newfound togetherness in the taxi industry, Brownhill is working tirelessly to promote a positive work environment, and build employees up to be everything that they possibly can be. When expanding the Brownhill team, the leadership is keen to look for candidates who can seamlessly fit into the culture that has been created. That means finding candidates who have a proactive and can-do attitude, have integrity, and are committed to continuous improvement. Brownhill also takes on a lot of contract-based work with schools in and around Lancashire, as well as council work helping vulnerable children who need private escorting to school each morning. Being trusted by these institutions really highlights that reliability, professionalism, and safety that Brownhill has established in just over a year. Ultimately, Brownhill is a brilliant example of British business. It’s exceptional services and fantastic results are nothing short of outstanding and everything about it should be duly celebrated. Contact: Faraz Habib Ali Website: Faraz is very grateful to his Father, Habib Ali