UK Enterprise 2020

54 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 When the Wide Welly Company was established in 2015, it was to fill a gap in the market for welly-wearers who required more room around their calves, and who found normal boots they purchased ill-fitting and uncomfortable. Over the past five years, this small but passionate company has put the needs of its customers first, to create a specialist product designed around their clients, cultivating a loyal customer base that has driven business. Best Specialist Wellington Boot Company 2020: The Wide Welly Company The Wide Welly Company is a family- run online business, based in the North West and supplying wellington boots to women in the UK and across Europe. These specialist, wide calf wellies are designed to the company’s detailed specification, which sets them apart from their competitors, and ensures the customer has everything they are looking for from their product. Built on a wider base mould, and then with a deeper gusset than other wellies added, Wide Welly designs their boots for those who want more room around their calves, but without detracting from a snug fit around the foot. This means that, unlike other wide wellies companies, the Wide Welly Company also offers a standard foot and ankle fitting. Comfortable, stylish and practical, the Wide Welly Company ensures women with wider calves, or who simply want room to tuck in their socks and trousers, don’t have to compromise when it comes to finding boots, whether they be used for standing on a muddy touchline, walking the dog or dancing in the front row at a festival! Despite being a small business, Verity Smith, founder of the Wide Welly Company, works closely with the manufacturer to ensure that each hand- built pair of wellies is constructed with the highest level of care. The choice in manufacturer is key for the retailer, and Smith knows exactly what she wants from her boots. Since the company’s inception, customer service has been the core ethos, and by harnessing customer feedback, the company has been able to learn how to develop the products to best suit the clients. Even if a manufacturer thinks they know best and tries to force their idea of a good welly on the company, the focus on the client remains the priority. Now, working with a manufacturer who understands the clients’ interests come first, the Wide Welly Company is able to guarantee their products are built with the highest level of skill and conscientious effort. Being an online retailer that is a one-person operation, the Wide Welly Company has not seen any major impacts on business as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, products that are distributed are done so with utmost respect of hygiene practices, and stricter hygiene practises are being implemented across the entire operation. Some may even argue that wellies are now particularly in demand as people have more time for walks as a result of lockdown! This means that business is only continuing to grow for the Wide Welly Company, and new opportunities for product development present themselves every day. As sustainability becomes more important in our lifestyles and shopping habits, the company has seen an increased interest in vegan boots, something Smith is looking into expanding into in Jul20057 the future. The next major development with be the expansion of the Wide Welly Company range, beginning with the next welly collection reveal in October, as well as accessories including branded socks. We are excited to find out what is next for this family-run but ambitious company. Company: The Wide Welly Company Contact: Verity Smith Web Address: