UK Enterprise 2020

55 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 The New Foscote Hospital is a boutique hospital owned, managed and run by clinicians, serving patients in Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire, London and the Cotswolds. Set within peaceful garden grounds, this independent hospital is designed to offer a tailored, wraparound service for each of its clients. This year, the hospital has been recognised for its excellence at the SME UK Enterprise Awards. Best Independent Surgical & Medical Treatments Clinic – Oxfordshire: The New Foscote Hospital Jul20188 Nestled in peaceful Oxfordshire grounds, the New Foscote Hospital is an independent boutique hospital that provides the very best in patient- centred, private healthcare to the people of Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire, London and the Cotswolds. Their team of over fifty of the region’s leading GMC-registered consultant physicians and surgeons cover a broad range of treatments including cardiovascular and cosmetic treatments. Alongside the friendly and experienced nursing team and extensive support services, the team at Foscote are committed to devoteng their time and attention to each and every one of their patients. With an emphasis on the environment of relaxation and comfort that has been carefully cultivated at the hospital by exceptionally trained nursing staff and intelligently designed premises, patients are given superior conditions to recover in. The hospital’s small size allows the organisation to offer the most exclusive service, while remaining agile and responsive to patients’ constantly evolving needs. Most recently, Foscote has had to adapt to the outbreak of COVID-19. The focus on high quality care that is constantly maintained has meant that Foscote has successfully kept its 0% infection rate throughout the crisis, remaining a green, clean facility dedicated to ensuring the safety of patients. Throughout the pandemic, Foscote has been proudly offering support to the NHS, whilst continuing to treat private patients. Currently the hospital is assisting the NHS with clearing their backlog of waiting patients while also adapting their facility to continue operating as safely as possible in a post-COVID world. The full adjustments being made by the facility have been articulated in a short video that is now available to be watched on the Foscote website. Implementing measures such as monitoring temperatures of all those who enter the hospital and installing hand sanitising stations by every door are just some of the steps being taken to maintain Foscote’s high standards of comfort, relaxation and safety. When recruiting new members to the Foscote team, key attributes required are focused attitudes towards work and enthusiasm to learn new skills, work flexibly in a team and share best practice. In order to provide the highest level of care to patients, the hospital maintains a culture of dynamism, enthusiasm and energy, and this has been achieved through effective recruitment. In particular, Foscote focuses on providing opportunities to young candidates, helping to develop young professionals’ careers by supporting them and empowering them with training and responsibility. Not only is this beneficial to the employees at Foscote, but means they are well-practised in how to deliver the highest quality of care to patients. Over the last few years, the private medical insurance market has seen a continued decline, meaning the private healthcare market has become increasingly tough. While many of its larger competitors have gone out of business, Foscote is relying on the relationships established with their community and clients to ensure their continued work. Indeed, once operation in the hospital returns to normal, exciting projects will be put into motion. These include plans for a new imaging wing, the onboarding of a new cohort of consultants from Oxfordshire and the surrounding regions, and the addition of new specialties to their service list, including ENT, respiratory and neurosurgery. While these are undoubtedly trying times for all healthcare institutions in the UK, Foscote remains optimistic, continuing to deliver the highest level of care to each of its patients. Company: The New Foscote Hospital Web Address: