UK Enterprise 2020

57 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Jun20273 Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company 2020 - Hampshire Based just outside of Eastleigh, Tanya’s Cleaners have ben offering professional house cleaning services across Hampshire for the past eleven years. Recently, we profiled Tanya’s Cleaners to discover more about the award-winning services the effortlessly provides. Tanya’s Cleaners is a family owned business offering a complete range of services, which includes end of tenancy cleaning, domestic cleaning, one-off deep cleaning, spring cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, pressure washing and window cleaning services to name but a few. In the industry today, there are a number of cleaning companies which focus on the volume of hours that they work, whereas Tanya’s Cleaners focus is on providing the best customer experience and best service possible. They offer a similar hourly rate to their competitors, but they also have a wider range of packages available, such as their one-off deep cleaning service. This delivers more value as it is a fixed price no matter the size of the property. They also provide great value in that they use advanced equipment and are more environmentally friendly. Another unique service that they can offer to busy clients, is they can do their shopping or create home cooked meals for them. Some of their clients are especially busy and Tanya’s Cleaners are prepared to go the extra mile for them. One of the main goals that Tanya’s Cleaners has is to provide a great customer experience and cultivate long term relationships with their clients. They are an innovative company and consistently invest in the latest equipment in order to improve their methods and provide an optimal service to their clients. On top of this, they integrate eco- friendly solutions into their operations. Tanya’s Cleaners are an environmentally friendly company, which helps people live in dust-free homes, something which is vital if the client suffers from any respiratory diseases. The team at Tanya’s Cleaners is a small one, but what they lack in size they make up for in the quality of their work. They often work in teams to perform in services, meaning they are more efficient. All of their staff have to follow the company guidelines and methodology but are provided with extensive training so that they know exactly what they should be doing. Any potential candidates for Tanya’s Cleaners do not need prior experience, but they do need to be enthusiastic and passionate, with a willingness to learn. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has definitely had a negative impact on the cleaning industry. Even the companies that chose to remain operative and followed all of the government’s safety procedures have been hit, simply because people have been isolating at home and not wanting to bring people into their homes. Tanya’s Cleaners have been able to adapt to this by starting to offer pressure washing and window cleaning services, things that they knew nothing about at the start of the year. They have been forced to adapt to keep staff busy, to retain clients and ultimately to keep themselves in business. Primarily focusing on achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and client retention, Tanya’s Cleaners want to be able to provide the best cleaning service in Hampshire, whilst at the same time being as environmentally friendly as they can. Things may never quite go back to normal for the cleaning industry, but Tanya’s Cleaners are committing to their new services as well as having other projects in the works. Tanya’s Cleaners are one of the best cleaning companies in their area. Their dedication to innovation and to being environmentally friendly enables them to retain their clients, who are left satisfied by the level of service they receive. In recent times, Tanya’s Cleaners have adapted to the current pandemic and have been able to add new services to their portfolio. Ultimately, they are truly deserving of being named as Best Eco- Friendly Cleaning Company 2020 – Hampshire. Contact: Stanka Marinova-Grudeva Company: Tanya’s Cleaners