UK Enterprise 2020

58 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Best Bespoke Training Design Firm 2020 Carla’s Captivating Content LTD work tirelessly to create a world where training not only achieves results, but is also enjoyed by all and remembered for the right reasons. Having recently found success in SME News’ UK Enterprise Awards 2020, we profiled Carla’s Captivating Content LTD to discover more about the extraordinary service Carla Maclean and her team effortlessly provide. Jun20202 Having worked in the online training industry for years, Carla Maclean has witnessed good training, bad training, and everything in between. She always wanted to launch her own business which is focused on quality and results rather than what is easiest. Now, Carla aims to push the boundaries with not only what is possible, but be creative in their attempt to make training more enjoyable - as it should be. At Carla’s Captivating Content, the team try to capture the excitement that learning can provide and embed it within their approach to training design. As experts in their respective field, the team specialise in providing end-to-end design and development. They make training hassle-free for their customers and their business, meaning they do all the leg work so that their clients don’t have to. In addition to this, custom and bespoke solutions are the company’s speciality and they understand that no two brands are exactly the same, and so neither should their approaches to training be. Carla’s Captivating Content has accumulated a vast range of clients and they work closely with them to ensure they are getting the best of Carla’s services and expertise, but most importantly, receive a finished product that exceeds their expectations. Offering a friendly, flexible and truly bespoke approach to training design, the firm works closely with and around their clients, so that they can build effective training that incorporates business visions, values and branding. As a business, their core values are to create bespoke training materials, to meet the brief, to be all in on every project, and also to drive their own growth as a business through learning from their own experiences. All of the training that the team develops for their customers is built entirely from scratch. They do not sell generic approaches to health and safety or anything of the sort. If your business needs training, generic will not cover everything you need, whereas a custom programme built just for you will. This is the key thing that makes Carla’s Captivating Content truly stand out from their competitors in the industry. Since the appearance of COVID-19 Carla’s Captivating Content has seen a spike in the requirement for online learning & training, as well as the use of virtual communication tools. Businesses are adapting to maintain operations during this pandemic, by making the most of virtual communication tools, in addition to allowing their employees to work from the safety of their own home. The company is working hard to keep other businesses going by building training that allows their staff to keep up to date in their role, and make the best use out of their time in lockdown. Looking ahead to what the future holds, Carla’s Captivating Content has plans to push the boundaries of game based learning on an exciting game design project, as well as work with unique local businesses to promote them and their services through the use of bespoke eLearning courses. Company: Carla’s Captivating Content LTD Contact: Carla Maclean Web Address: