UK Enterprise 2020

60 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 TA-DA! Beauty is a thriving business, which offers a diverse range of beauty and hair treatments. Having found recent success in the UK Enterprise Awards, we profiled TA-DA! to discover more about how they are able to help clients feel relaxed and pampered under one roof. Best Beauty Team 2020 - Hampshire Jun20205 Nestled in the peaceful village of Hartley Wintney in Hampshire, is the award-winning salon TA-DA!. Having opened its doors in 2013, TA-DA! is a blossoming business, propped up by a wonderful staff and supportive clients. Today, the salon offers a full range of both beauty and hair treatments, so they are able to cater for any need their clients may have. In addition to this, TA-DA! also offers a range of holistic services, all designed to make you feel good both in your body and in your mind. At the centre of the business, is TA-DA! core values which illustrates everything that is good about the business and represents founder, Joanne Jones and her wonderful staff. Sharing a love of beauty products, evident in the quality of product that they stock, Joanne and her team adore people and the loyalty of their clients is indicative of the service they provide. Most of all, the team operate with complete transparency, meaning they have an honest business. TA-DA! are able to offer amazing products at reasonable prices. The beauty products that they use are all ethical and enable them to offer a pampering service at the best prices available. They also have a loyalty scheme which is important in retaining clients, and they even refer their friends and family, so the client base is constantly expanding. Another aspect of the salon’s remarkable success is the team that are at the heart and soul of the business. Joanne sets the bar high for customer experience and service, and the team always rise up and meet these expectations. Everything they do, they do with the client in mind. The team practice new treatments on each so they are aware how it should feel and how the client should feel. Recently, they have conducted a two day training session with all their PPE, so that they are used to how it feels working in this new normal. This means that when the time comes, there will be minimal disruptions and continue to conduct business in a professional manner. Joanne also sends the team on regular courses and training events so they can get better at what they do and carry on meeting expectations for customer service. In addition to the two day practical, they have also had Zoom meetings to conduct training sessions online. Due to the uncertain times we are all living through, the beauty industry has been greatly damaged by the Covid-19 pandemic and TA-DA! is no different. Having recently opened their doors following the latest government guidelines, Joanne and the team are working tirelessly as they had fully booked diaries. This goes to show how great their services are and how strong their relationships are with their clients. Both the team at TA-DA! and their clients have shown an incredible commitment to the company during such a hard time, which is a testament to Joanne’s achievements. Ultimately, Joanne has high expectations for both her business and her team and they work incredibly hard to deliver on this. As Joanne says, without her team there is no TA-DA!. Their hard work and dedication will reap its rewards and this was proven as when the COVID closure restrictions were lifted, the team went back to work to full diaries. A testament to their client loyalty. This award is truly a team one, and they are fully deserving of being named as Best Beauty Team 2020 – Hampshire. Company: TA-DA! Beauty Contact: Joanne Jones Web Address: