UK Enterprise 2020

63 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Chameleon School of Construction offers short courses and full qualifications up to Level 3 in plastering, bricklaying, tiling and also motor vehicle to learners of all ages and abilities. After being recognised in the UK Enterprise Awards 2020, we profiled Chameleon to discover more about the extraordinary work the team provide to make a difference in the lives of their learners. SME News Community Education Award 2020 Based on the core values that everyone deserves an opportunity, regardless of the background or lack of academic qualifications, Chameleon never turns anybody away. Instead, they equip all of their learners with the skills and knowledge to enable them to carve out a bright future for themselves. Their delivery is coupled with pastoral care as they help learners to gain new found confidence within themselves. Chameleon are different to colleges and large training providers because they are small enough to be able to deliver an excellent standard of service, which is combined with the flexibility to help learners work around their other commitments which may have otherwise held them back. Additionally, they do not judge their prospective learners on their lack of academic ability. If younger learners do not have great grades or any grades, it is not an issue as maths and English form part of their courses at Chameleon. This means that anyone who was not successful in school or at another Further Education establishment, the team work hard to help their learners not only gain qualifications in their chosen sector, but to improve their maths, English, employability skills and confidence. Their groups are small enough so their learners can rest assured knowing that they are receiving the quality and standards, along with the personal attention that they require. Most importantly, learners are treated as individuals rather than a number in a group. During these unprecedented times, many sectors have struggled greatly, with many people unfortunately being made either redundant or are threatened by the prospect of redundancy. Currently, the construction industry is short of good quality tradespeople, and Chameleon have the training expertise to equip their learners with the skills and knowledge to work in a sector that is not experiencing a downturn. As well as helping those who have been made redundant, they are also helping students who are uncertain about their futures. If Year 11 children are unable to sit their GCSEs, Chameleon is offering the opportunity to continue their education with them. Fortunately for Chameleon, there is funding available in the UK for those who are unemployed, have faced redundancy or have a low skill set. They always research the areas thoroughly before embarking upon opening a centre, and the team deliberately choose areas that have a high percentage of disadvantage and high unemployment. This is to ensure that they are able to help and encourage these people to aspire to do well and have a sustainable future ahead of them. Many of their learners come from disadvantaged backgrounds and need specialist care and attention. As such, the team search for tutors that have the passion, care and commitment to helping people regardless of their background. These tutors truly need to be invested in the futures of their learners. In recent weeks, Chameleon have begun to see an influx in the number of people enquiring about wanting to start in September. As they continue to grow and expand, they will look to opening new centres in areas where there are high unemployment and a need for training in a sector that has sustainable work opportunities. Aside from the diverse range of services they offer, another aspect of Chameleon’s success is talented and passionate team which forms the foundation of the organisation. The team collectively believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to create a second chance for themselves in order to have a future with prospects. For some people, this could be a very small change in their life, or it could simply be having more confidence and Chameleon is proud to play a part in that wonderful transformation. Throughout the years, Chameleon have played an active part in the community for giving chances to people and improving their career prospects. As they seek to expand out of the local area and broaden their horizons, they are truly deserving of SME News Community Education Award 2020. Contact: Angelica Duncan Company: Chameleon School of Construction Website: Jun20234