UK Enterprise 2020

64 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 With an array of heavenly treats and perfectly blended coffee which is also affordable, it is no wonder that Jack and Beyond has amassed an incredible following of cake and caffeine lovers throughout their first year of opening. Offering in-house rewards and an efficient operation, Jack and Beyond goes the extra mile to ensure that customers are not only full from their selection of cakes, but are also beyond satisfied with the level of service they have received. We profiled the award-winning cake shop to find out more about their exceptional service, and how they have continued to deliver their treats during such unprecedented times. Online Cake Shop of the Year 2020 - London Jun20207 A good slice of cake can make a person’s day just that little bit brighter, and no one believes this more than the passionate about food team at Jack & Beyond. Everything the business has to offer is cooked and baked freshly on site for their customers, and most importantly served with a smile and a friendly chat. Both an outstanding product quality and excellent customer service is always the priority for Jack & Beyond. Many of their recipes have been carefully crafted by Award winning Pastry Chef Daniel Fletcher (who held the position of Dessert Product Developer at M&S and has experience working at 5 star hotels and Michelin star restaurants) and offer playfulness, creativity and the finest flavours. Alongside their welcoming store in Fulham, Jack and Beyond’s website showcases the vast selection of custom cakes the shop has to offer, as well as a mouth-watering brunch menu and Bottomless Events, such as Bottomless Brunch with Cake and Bottomless Cake & Fizz. When it comes to cakes, Jack & Beyond is not only creative in the flavours or the name. The team aim to bring playfulness and creativity into the cake business with a Bespoke Cake Consultation Service, as well as providing cake designs that go beyond a simple message with toppings and sprinkles. With Jack and Beyond, customers can make their personal cake dreams come true. The team aim to deliver a variety in the style of cakes they provide and the service they deliver in comparison to many of their competitors. For example, there is a considerable number of cake businesses in London which offer cakes that are quite sugary and only have limited options available for the customer to customise their cake. Whereas at Jack and Beyond, their award-winning recipes use less sugar and only high quality ingredients, everything is baked on site to guarantee freshness and excellent taste. Like for most businesses in the UK, the biggest challenge the team has faced in the last few months has been the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown and social distancing measures. However, the team believe that they have come up with a good strategy to adapt to the new situation. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that Jack and Beyond have shifted their focus primarily onto the online services they offer, even introducing new services. For instance, they offer London wide deliveries for their delicious cakes, and have just launched a UK wide delivery service for their homemade brownies and cookies. Lockdown ignited a lot of people’s interest in baking, with many shops low on stock of their essential baking ingredients. For Jack and Beyond customers who want to channel their inner cake decorator, they can now do so with the shop’s fun DIY cookie sets. Each set comes with a selection of their iconic Celebrity Cookies, icing and piping bags, so customers can get creative and decorate biscuits from the comfort of their own home. Everything is available to purchase in a few simple steps through their website, which is constantly being updated to provide a seamless customer journey. Even after implementing these new services, the Jack and Beyond team believe they are well prepared for the months to come and that their business model should still work even in the case of a second lockdown. Contact: Fulop Gabor Company: Jack and Beyond Web Address: