UK Enterprise 2020

70 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Jun20371 Best Puppy & Dog Training Provider 2020 & Excellence Award for Personalised Dog Sleepovers 2020 - SouthWales Pooch on a Pedestal does not simply offer walks or a place to stay for your canine friend, instead they create a personalised plan for every single puppy and dog, which covers enrichment, development, training and favourite activities. Despite being a new business, Pooch on a Pedestal has already received countless positive reviews from happy dog owners, showcasing the extraordinary work both Victoria and Tom, the owners, has done. We profiled the dynamic duo to discover more about the award-winning service the team provides to both clients and their beloved dogs. In the Spring of 2019, Victoria and Tom were beginning to see an increase in the number of dogs whose owners were either struggling with behavioural problems, or simply giving the dogs to rescue. The duo wanted to see a change in this, and so left head teaching jobs to create Pooch on a Pedestal. Determined to work together with owners and see positive development in dog and puppy behaviours, Pooch on a Pedestal’s programmes are individually tailored to each dog, which include adventure walks, home visits, home boarding holidays and training weekends for puppies. Prior to their inception, Pooch on a Pedestal believed it was vital for them to gain expertise, so they could show potential clients that they could be trusted with their dog. Whilst Victoria and Tom have experience with dogs as they both have their own, they have also achieved a Level 3 qualification in Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare. This qualification has ensured that all of the training and support that they offer is force free and is based on science. They can insert their methods into games to make the process enjoyable for their furry clients. In addition to this, Victoria is also nearing completion of a canine behaviour degree, which will lead her to gain certified canine behaviourist status through an international leading canine organisation. Recently, Victoria and Tom have noticed a surge in the number of unqualified and uninsured dog walking companies popping up, that take on large numbers of dogs and do not give them due care or attention. The same can be said for unlicensed boarding homes and kennels, but thankfully owners are becoming more conscious to this and doing proper research into where to send their dogs. This is not a problem for Pooch on a Pedestal. As well as having a litany of qualifications, they are also fully insured and first aid trained as well as being DBS checked. The duo can proudly state to be the only dog walkers in their area to be accepted in the Pet Professionals Guild. It is important to Pooch on a Pedestal that they support other dog businesses. There are plenty of dogs and owners who need support and they are always happy to help out other businesses, despite being told how different they are to their competitors. After successful careers in education, Victoria and Tom recognise that each dog is unique, just like children, and specifically tailor all of their programmes to suit the needs of the individual canine. Pooch on a Pedestal works in direct partnership with the owners, sending video feedback after every session so the animals’ progress can be charted. In order to meet these individual needs, Victoria and Tom only walk or home board a small number of dogs at any one time. This way they can fully concentrate their efforts on the dogs in their care. In the future, Victoria is hoping to finish her degree and become a fully-fledged certified canine behaviourist. In addition to this, both Victoria and Tom hope to continue writing books, since they thoroughly enjoyed the process in creating their popular book ‘Crazy Canine Capers’. Ultimately, Pooch on a Pedestal hopes to expand in the years to come as both Victoria and Tom want to be able to hire apprentices, so that they can use their knowledge to teach more people how to effectively look after puppies and dogs with the same love and attention they do. Contact: Victoria Duke Company: Pooch on a Pedestal Web Address: