UK Enterprise 2020

71 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Jun20326 Most Customer-Focused Travel Agents 2020 7Seas Holidays in an independent travel company based in Wandsworth, London. With a range of services which include corporate and leisure travels, we profiled 7Seas to discover more about how they consistently provide their clients with a personalised service, which exceeds their expectations. Since their inception in 2018, 7Seas has grown rapidly over the years and now is an established local agency that offers a fully personalised travel service, with a team that are able to provide expert knowledgeable and a friendly face. This extraordinary growth has been a result of outstanding customer service and an experience that makes their customers feel more of a guest. All of their customers can book their holiday with complete confidence, due to the fact that 7Seas are proud ABTA members. All of the holidays on offer are all 100% financially protected. There are five core values which are at the heart of everything founder, Shakeel Syed does. These are Passion, Commitment, Honesty, Trust and Customer Satisfaction. When booking your travel with 7Seas, all of these qualities are guaranteed. Both Shakeel and the 7Seas team are all experienced travel consultants whose passions are to travel across the world and share their experiences with their customers. They work tirelessly to ensure that every single one of their customers have the best possible experience and that all of their expectations are met. The 7Seas team excel at making a budget stretch further than the customer expects, a factor which has led them to receive numerous glowing reviews online. 7Seas are a highly innovative company, which is always searching for new ways to meet their customer’s needs and provide a higher quality of service to them. They constantly update both their front and back end technologies in order to keep their staff up to date with things happening within the industry. 7Seas offer all types of travel, from all-inclusive resort holidays, down to skiing and winter sports. They also specialise in cruise holidays and they have partnerships with some of the world’s best cruise lines to offer the best possible service. Alongside this, 7Seas is also able to assist in gaining entry visas, including electronic visas, to many counties. This process is becoming increasingly difficult as each embassy has different rules and regulations on the requirements needed to obtain a visa. However, Shakeel is proud to offer a visa information and application service which is both effective and efficient, and 7Seas are able to help across all forms of travel. Unfortunately, the travel industry is one that has been hit the hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic. Borders are closed, planes are grounded and for many people, they have lost some form of income which means holiday making is the last thing on their mind. However, recent government guidelines have allowed UK holidays once more, which is a positive for 7Seas. There will be a lot of people who don’t have confidence and trust in travelling overseas, but it is expected that those holidaying within the UK is going to become immensely more popular. Other trends that Shakeel expects to see is more late booking of trips, holidays via road travel and solo travelling. Looking ahead, the number of people who visit 7Seas in store is not going to get back to the levels it was at prior to the pandemic. This means that their phone lines and online requests will be a lot more, so the team need to adapt to that. In addition to this, they will also be offering lower deposits on holidays and cruises in 2021 and 2022. Currently, this is a very uncertain time for so many people, and so 7Seas really want to reassure their customers that they are truly there for them. Everything that 7Seas Holidays aims to do has the customer at the very heart of it. They have endless excellence reviews from those who have booked travel with them and so the team are constantly innovating and adapting to keep them at the forefront. Shakeel and his team should rightfully feel very proud of the things they have in place for all of their customers, and are fully deserving to be named Most Customer-Focused Travel Agents 2020. Contact: Shakeel Syed Company: 7Seas Holidays Limited Web Address: