UK Enterprise 2020

75 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Founded over five years ago, skillslocal was established to help businesses and leaders develop solid foundations in which to grow and progress. These core principles are what helps skillslocal standout today. Following their double win in SME News’ UK Enterprise Awards 2020, we profiled skillslocal to discover the secrets behind its outstanding success since inception. Best Health & Wellbeing Consultancy & Award for Excellence in SME Best Practice & Resilience Training 2020 - East Midlands Jun20345 Passionate about being able to deliver a range of services that lead to improvements for their clients, be it through economic growth or productivity, skillslocal works with all of their clients to find cost effective and bespoke solutions. Whilst it works with a number of larger clients, such as Peak District National Park Authority, Remit Training and Framework, it also supports a wide range of non-profits and charities. The bulk of their client base consists of SMEs and leaders who want to have the ability to develop themselves and their businesses to be the best they can, within their own budgets. Since the company was established, it has not only expanded its core values, but has also added a number of additional services. skillslocal is headed up by founder and Director Tracy Duggan who is passionate about inspiring clients to achieve their own goals and see their businesses grow. Tracy strives to ensure that their services are engaging, fun and relevant. The range of services includes group training and development, employee engagement and wellbeing, coaching and skills solutions. As a licensed Investors in People and Workplace, resilience and wellbeing Practioner Tracy believes that everyone has the ability to thrive, even in these challenging times. As a small team of three core employees, it relies and benefits on the support from a network of associates, especially when working on larger projects. Being able to build relationships with other companies is crucial to their success. Their values are really important and they strive to offer their clients the best support they can. Today, skillslocal stands out amongst the crowd due to the way in which it takes the time to learn more about their clients, and gain a deeper understanding of their needs. As a small business it is well aware of its own capabilities, as such they would not take on a project if they felt they would not be a good fit for a client. If the team feels this way it signposts to someone who can help. Cultivating strong, trusting relationships is very important for skillslocal. With the current Covid-19 pandemic, skillslocal, like a number of small businesses, has seen a downturn in business. However, as they have a diverse range of clients, and through careful planning it has continued to offer their award- winning services, despite the uncertain times. It has expanded its service offerings, to include resilience training and helping businesses to understand how best to support themselves and their teams during these challenging times. skillslocal will be launching several new services and programmes which are designed to build healthier individuals and organisations. It recently delivered a webinar on the ‘Return to work and the new normal’ for the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce. The webinar discussed the challenges that many businesses face and how they could support themselves, as well as how to receive further help and support. Additionally, Tracy has also taken this opportunity to upskill her qualifications, which will support coming out of the other side of the pandemic far better equipped to deal with any other challenges that come her way. Despite the uncertainty the Covid-19 pandemic has caused, skillslocal has turned the challenges which have arisen into new business opportunities. Looking ahead, one of the new programmes it has in store combines these new services to promote a new virtual programme for organisations, teams and individuals to help them flourish in the future. Ultimately, skillslocal are showing no signs of slowing down and instead they are creating more opportunities for both themselves and their clients to thrive. Contact: Tracy Duggan Company: skillslocal ltd Web Address: