UK Enterprise 2020

81 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Stickfest Group Ltd is an international executive search and recruitment consultancy that was founded by CEO, Ian M. Franklin. Following the firm’s recent success in the UK Enterprise Awards 2020, we profiled Stickfest Group to discover more about the award-winning service both Ian and his team consistently provide to their diverse client base. Best New International Family Office Talent Search Firm 2020 Established in late 2018, Stickfest Group came about as a result of the company’s founder, Ian M. Franklin being asked to source senior candidates for clients in the USA and in Singapore. Today, the company specialises in a variety of recruitment sectors, including talent mapping and sourcing, permanent recruitment, leadership advising, talent strategies and interim management. Stickfest Group offers their award- winning services to a wide range of clients from all manner of different business sectors and who are located across the world. At the heart of the company, is Stickfest Group’s core values which are growth, continual development, collaboration and partnerships. Supported by a diverse team who all offer a variety of specialities and expertise, the company can operate a platform to work with start-ups and collaborate with other recruiters and professionals. Being able to collaborate effectively with others encourages continual commercial growth, not just for them but for their partners too. The tagline for the company is ‘Catalysts for Achievement & Success’, which turns out to be very appropriate. The team at Stickfest Group have the ability and expertise to work in a variety of business sectors and have a strong focus in specialised verticals. Stickfest Group also have a Panel of Associate Partners who they can call on to help if a client has a request that falls outside of their main areas of work. Overall, both Ian and his team truly believe in the notion of collaboration and create partnerships. Being able to create these partnerships has been very beneficial for Stickfest Group, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. These associations have allowed them to work together and help get each other through this crisis, as well strengthening their relationships and individual commercial growth. The pandemic has also seen reduced travel for the company, but like many others they have been offering digital solutions, such as video conferencing, to counteract this. As such, Stickfest Group are still able to provide all of the services that they have on offer, despite working remotely. As for the wider sector, one of the major trends in the recruitment industry as a whole is the continual advancements in technology, especially in terms of the use of AI. Whilst Ian believes that the inclusion of various types of AI within the Industry should be gradual and not overnight, there has been an acceleration of technologies in recent years. Ian may prefer human interaction as opposed to making everything totally digital, but he admits the need to remain informed of new technologies as they come about, in addition to the benefits they could have for his company. Looking ahead to what the future holds, Stickfest Group is set to continue its international growth beyond this year. One of their plans includes opening regional offices in the UAE, the USA and in the APAC region, places where they already have remote consultants based. It is however important to note that this growth is strategic, and that Stickfest Group do not take on too much too quickly. To achieve success, they have to gain the right levels of investment and ensure that their expansion both in the UK and beyond is done with the right team members Jun20293 on board. 2019 allowed Stickfest Group to lay the cornerstones of their business and let them move into 2020 with the right team and the right investment behind them. Despite everything that has happened this year, these cornerstones have allowed the company to be in a position where they can continue to grow and expand into 2021 and beyond. Contact: Ian M. Franklin Company: Stickfest Group Ltd Web Address: At the heart of the company, is Stickfest Group’s core values which are growth, continual development, collaboration and partnerships. Ian M. Franklin - Founder