UK Enterprise 2020

82 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Based in Blackpool, ABELL PAT Testing is a family-run business which offers a friendly and personalised service to their diverse clientele. With years of success safely under their belt, we profiled the firm to discover how they established a reputation as one of the best electrical appliance testing companies in the North West of England. Best Electrical Appliance Testing Company - North West England Jun20469 In 2009, Rick Bell founded ABELL PAT Testing after being made redundant. Today, Rick offers clients a professional, reliable service for all portable appliance testing. Many of the clients the firm serves ranges from hotels to nurseries, churches to offices. Offering a local service at competitive pricing, Rick checks that there is no damage to the cable or the appliance, as well as opening the plug to check that the fuse and wiring is correct. He then follows this up with an electrical test to ensure that the appliance is able to meet the health and safety regulations. PAT testing your appliances is a very important part of keeping your electrical equipment safe and ready to use. If you can prove that you have had PAT tests done, some insurance companies may even give you a discount on your premium. Ricks plethora of services does not end with testing, he is also able to offer a free site survey as well as a free call out service for local clients. He can PAT test a number of different appliances, including low voltage equipment and industrial equipment. His reports are also an asset register, which means that his clients are aware of exactly how many appliances they own and where they are. Each appliance is also marked with a sticker which states if it has passed or failed the test, as well as the company name and contact details. Once Rick has finished his PAT tests, he will also issue a test certification. In recent years, Rick has noticed an increase in the number of people carrying out PAT testing. However, they are only doing it for short periods of time as he has received a number of calls from clients that they are unable to find the person who did their testing the year before. When discussing what this means, Rick says that, “…because PAT testing is not a legal requirement and therefore not regulated, there are a number of people who are testing that are not qualified to do so. To help me retain my clients from constant calls from other people claiming to do their PAT Testing, I provide them with a calendar each year with different themes. The calendars help them to see who does their PAT Testing as all my details are there. They have actually helped as some of my clients have told me they have used it to confirm a phone call from another company claiming to have done their PAT Test in the past.” As well as being fully qualified to PAT test, Rick is also a qualified electrician who is fully insured. With every project he undertakes, Rick ensures that he only uses the latest and updated equipment for all tests that he carries out. Like many local businesses, Rick has unfortunately lost clients due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With many of his clients being hotels or offices, they have had to shut during the lockdown, which in turn has resulted in a loss of business for him. Going forward, Rick hopes that they can reopen soon and that he can get back to work. Despite the uncertain times we find ourselves in, one thing that remains certain is Rick’s dedication to providing his clients with an outstanding service. Since founding the firm, Rick has been able to help countless clients, who have showered the business with positive reviews once the job had been completed. Looking ahead to what the future holds, Rick hopes to continue to deliver his award-winning service to clients, once restrictions are lifted. Contact: Rick Bell Company: ABELL PAT Testing Web Address: