UK Enterprise 2020

94 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 The Stan Lee is the trading name of Stan Lee Accountancy Ltd, a forward thinking and professional business partner for your accountancy, taxation and business support needs. The company is an ACCA registered accountancy firm based in the heart of London’s financial district, Canary Wharf. Rising Stars in Business Accounting Services 2020 Jun20206 Founded in the mid of 2019, the company aims to support clients who are looking for sound, clear, impeccable accountancy support, which has been individually designed to safeguard the financial future of their business. The practice specialises in working with small and medium size businesses that may not have the time or human resources to do their own accounting. The business name wasn’t chosen at random, Muhammad Solaiman FCCA put some real thought into it. Stan is an old English name meaning stone or crystal and “Lee” refers to a clearing or safe place. The practice aims to safeguard clients’ businesses by providing solid, secure and crystal-clear advice. They offer a wide range of dedicated services ranging from accountancy to taxation, book- keeping, payroll, VAT, business advice, secretarial and other business support services to fulfil their clients’ requirements. Their location in Canary Wharf will help The Stan Lee present itself to potential international clients. Canary Wharf is a global financial hub and being located here presents a great opportunity for The Stan Lee to grow its business all over the world. The Stan Lee has core set of values that it promises to offer to each of its clients. Ultimately, they are committed and dedicated to your success. They value honesty and integrity, in particular when services for dealing with HMRC and other relevant bodies. The company also value teamwork very highly and will view your business as more of a partnership. They will provide you with jargon- free reporting along with simple and clear communication. They also strive to continuously improve themselves and their services. We live in an ever-changing world and The Stan Lee refuses to sit back and rest on their laurels. The Stan Lee truly apply all of their core values to each of their clients. They have experience in many different sectors of business and have clients in a diverse range of industry. They offer a free initial consultation without any obligations and Muhammad and his team are eager to reduce costs for your business. The team at The Stan Lee are all professional, reliable and competent. They truly do want to offer the best for their clients, and they offer a flexible and friendly to make the client feel comfortable and at ease with them. They offer an online client portal which allows everything to be accessed virtually, something which has been very important this year. Finally, they offer a fully bespoke service at competitive prices. No two clients are treated the same and this is a testament to the service that The Stan Lee provide. The company really are truly more than just an accountancy firm. The company has four key principles that it adheres to, all derived from the letters that make up the name STAN. They are a Shield for their clients, they safeguard their business by offering clear advice that inspires confidence in their practice. They sue the latest Technology and keep up to date with the latest technological changes in the industry. They act with Accountability and transparency to adhere to all legal and industry standards. Finally, they work beyond the Numbers to provide a service that creates financial synergy. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many companies to completely transform the way they conduct business and The Stan Lee is no different. They have video conferencing abilities so that they can still talk to their clients and conduct business in the same way. They also pride themselves on using the latest digital innovations to keep up to date with changes in the industry. Their priority during these challenging times has been working to make sure their clients are free from getting stress on their accountancy, taxation and business support requirements. The Stan Lee has very strong relationship with their clients, who advocate and refer other potential clients. Moreover, it also concentrates on digital marketing as this has become the easiest and most effective way of building a client base. This also caters to the fact that The Stan Lee specialises in SMEs and this is the best way of reaching out to them. The Stan Lee focuses on working more than just numbers and aims to be the most respected, recognised and trusted firm in the region by building a strong working relationship with their clients. The work they have put in since the company’s inception in 2019 and certainly worthy of being named “Rising Stars in Business Accounting Services 2020”. 40 Bank Street, 18th Floor, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5NR T: 020 3778 0973 E: W: Chartered Certified Accountants