UK Enterprise 2020

96 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Amethyst Education specialises in the placement of Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) in partnership with Primary and Secondary Schools across London and the Home Counties. Best Education Recruitment Company 2020 Jun20249 The importance of a robust education cannot be overestimated, with teachers playing crucial roles at all stages of learning and development. By natural extension, those that recruit in the education sector play their part in driving the industry ever forward. Founded in 2019 by founder Ashley Atmore, Amethyst Education has quickly distinguished itself on a landscape that simply demands the very best standards to succeed. Realising this, Ashley – who has worked in education for over twelve years – engrained an ethos defined by innovation and creativity into the company’s roots, with a firm focus on differentiating itself from the competition. Here, Ashley offers more insight into Amethyst’s values: “Amethyst Education is a brand that is operated in an honest and transparent manner. It is of utmost importance that we are, above all else, considered trustworthy by our clients. However, it is also important that we constantly move forward through innovation. We want to make recruitment easier for teachers and cost-effective for schools through our best in class solutions.” It’s clear from the outset that Amethyst Education is not a ‘typical’ recruitment agency – and that works in its favour. “We don’t work from a list of vacancies like many others in this sphere. The education sector is a notoriously candidate short market, so it’s important to truly understand a candidate’s teaching philosophy, values, and vision to ensure the best possible fit. After we understand the candidate’s specific profile, we go to select schools that share the same ideals. We have found, time and time again, that this is the best way to guarantee a long and prosperous relationship with both teacher and school”. Whilst the last year has proven to be a monumental success for Amethyst Education, it would be remiss to say that there haven’t been significant challenges on the road to growth. Putting aside the obvious impact of COVID-19 on schooling and the greater recruitment landscape, there’s been a notable decrease in the number of people training to be teachers, as Ashley continues. “Sadly, the number of people training to be teachers has been decreasing over years and the number of teachers leaving the profession after 3-5 years has been increasing. This means there is a huge need for teachers. With a growing population, growing schools and new schools being built there is going to be a need for more teachers over the coming years. Our Primary schools have been expanding to accommodate this and as children move through school there will be a further need for expansion in our secondary schools and a higher demand for Secondary trained teachers.” Here, the company’s London location has been a notable benefit to Amethyst Education, especially in nurturing their expansive network and all-important school relationships. “Our location helps us to see our clients on a regular basis. As a business in the recruitment sphere, it is important for us to know everything about a school so that we can continually ensure that we are providing the best possible fit for a particular position.” All in all, the future is particularly exciting for Amethyst Education. As they go into their second year of operation, they look to expand their teams and grow their business across the UK and, hopefully, internationally in the months to come. More than anything, Ashley hopes that the company’s innovative core will secure their enduring success moving forward. Company: Amethyst Education Contact: Ashley Atmore Email: Web Address: