UK Enterprise 2020

98 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Jun20412 Best Independent Speech & Language Therapy Provider & Healthcare Innovators of the Year 2020 - London & Home Counties Across the globe, approximately 10% of people have a communication difficulty. There are a number of factors which can cause people to struggle with communication, such as Autism, Stammering and Cerebral Palsy. Even brain damage can affect an individual’s communication. Specialising in helping people to overcome difficulties with communication is SME News’ double award-winner Magic Words Therapy. Discover more about the incredible service and care this team effortlessly provide. Everyday Magic Words focus their work around fulfilling their core values, which are providing evidence based effective treatment, nurturing their team, innovation, running a sustainable organisation (in terms of longevity and their impact on the environment), and most of all, helping people who need it most by providing support to impoverished communities. From big policy decisions to day to day details, these five values are the guiding principles for how things are run at Magic Words. These values are relentlessly promoted to the team to ensure that everyone’s thinking and actions are aligned. Back in 2009 when Magic Words had just started, the team had a vague idea about what their values were. It wasn’t until they had sat down to discuss and think about what the core values were that they noticed the huge difference it made to the organisation. Making decisions, planning for the future and measuring success had all become far easier to achieve. Aside from their core values, one of the main differentiators which helps Magic Words stand out amongst their competitors is the social aspect of what they do. The team are there to make a difference to as many people as they possibly can. As such, it is hugely important to them that everyone has voice and the ability to speak up for themselves, and that this is not limited to those who can afford to pay for their expertise. Whilst a large portion of people pay for the services Magic Words provides, there are so many more who receive treatment for free. The organisation have a wonderful initiative in place where they give free therapy or books to schools. Another factor is the team’s complete dedication towards having fun. The Magic Words team work tirelessly to ensure that their clients have fun in their sessions, as they know that the best learning occurs when you are thoroughly enjoying yourself. Magic Words also wants their team to be having fun in their day to day working lives. They want the work their team members do to be enjoyable, satisfying and non-stressful, and for them not to be simply waiting for the next holiday. This is why Magic Words aims to provide a friendly, nurturing environment where team members are encouraged and supported to develop and grow professionally. They want everyone to feel valued, whatever their position within the organisation, and so they actively listen to the views of team members and try to make decisions about the direction of Magic Words together. During the lockdown in the UK, there was a huge shift to using online therapy. For Magic Words, lockdown proved to be a steep learning curve as the team learned to adapt to this new way of working. It has forced the team to experiment with new way of working, enabling them to do all the trouble shooting and fine tuning to make their provision of online therapy something they can all be proud of. As the team begin to move forward, one of the things they are planning to achieve in the years to come is extending their online therapy, training and products. Ultimately, the team at Magic Words hope to continue providing their award-winning service and helping to transform the lives of many people who have a communication difficulty. Contact: Frankie Paterson Company: Magic Words Therapy Web Address: