UK Enterprise 2020

99 | UK Enterprise Awards 2020 Jun20271 Best Domiciliary Care Company - Huddersfield Trusting someone to look after your parents is not an easy task. Everyone wants the certainty that their individual needs will be attended to, that they will be treated with love, respect and kindness, alongside the ultimate in clinical professionalism. The team at Ask4Care Ltd in Huddersfield have taken all of these aspects and made it into a success. We profile the firm as we celebrate their incredible achievement. Domiciliary Care means being able to provide support for those who live in their own homes. This highly specialised area of caregiving requires a great deal of flexibility, with no two clients being the same. For the team at Ask4Care, this personalised approach has been key to their success and is something to be celebrated. The care that Ask4Care provides covered everything from weekly shopping and support with meals all the way through to full care on the bed. Each care plan is carefully crafted to ensure that the client’s personal needs are met to the fullest. Instead of being forced into the care home system, these people can keep their independence, dignity and self-respect. With such a broad and diverse pool of clients, the team have been able to bring together an impressive skillset of carers. It isn’t easy to support some clients, such as those who have dementia, but the team are always determined to make the most of every situation. As far as possible, clients have their own specialist team of carer’s and relationship that makes both parties happy. As clients become more comfortable, they can get the most out of what is on offer from Ask4Care. Despite only being founded three years ago, the firm has been able to achieve great things, continually growing to reach new clients. Being based in Huddersfield has allowed the team to remain local to their clients, making them easy to find, easily accessible and aware of what the area has to offer. The decision to work locally where possible, with staff training provided by a local business and offices based in the area, has gone a long way to confirming to some families that the Ask4Care team are always in reach and here to help. Having grown steadily, it would be easy to try and capitalise on this and create a company that goes into new areas. For the Registered Manager and Director, however, the aim has always been to create a firm that can provide the all-important personal touch. Large firms simply don’t have the capacity to maintain a family feel. At Ask4Care, one of the key successes is that the Care Manager knows every client and their families individually. When this is not the case, the firm will have grown too big to provide the service they aspire to give. COVID-19 has understandably created many tensions within the industry. Sourcing PPE, keeping up with government advice and ensuring that staff are all trained to the appropriate standards has been a major challenge. The team have risen to it with gusto, however and Ask4Care has remained on top of what the team should be doing from an employer and office perspective in every regard. With a fantastic team, committed to doing an amazing job, it’s little surprise that the business has been able to thrive in challenging times. Needless to say, Ask4Care is not only one of the leaders in the Domiciliary Care sector, but also offers many lessons that can help to transform industry in a positive way. An attention to detail that ensures each client is treated as an individual with their own agency is a huge factor in the continued success of the firm. It’s a success that will hopefully find new ways of supporting those who have given so much throughout their lives, for years to come. Company: Ask4Care Ltd Name: Joanne Swannick Web Address: