UK Enterprise Awards 2021

102 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 May21396 Best Luxury Handmade Furniture Company - Scotland When looking for the perfect furniture, what you want is something bespoke to your needs. Something made with craft and elegance, that inspires and comforts in equal measure. This sort of tailored service is exactly what you get from the team behind Elegance Chic, Scotland’s answer to the growing demand for luxury furniture. We take a closer look to see how they have achieved such astonishing success in the UK Enterprise Awards. When Elegance Chic was established, it was created by someone with a passion for luxury living. Maria Economou wanted not just to draw on what she had seen before, but to build something new for those who had seen it all before. Her luxury furniture, handmade and deftly designed, marks a new highpoint for the industry. It’s pieces of art made by lovers of luxury living, for lovers of luxury living. The starting point for every Elegance Chic design comes from the past, with Maria’s adoration of classical 17th and 18th Century design inspiring all of the products that she has on offer. The luxurious fabrics, rich in colour, tone and feeling and the handmade craft finishing means that when you chose an item from Elegance Chic, there is nothing quite like it anywhere else on the market. It is, put simply, unique in the high standards that it offers to customers. Every product and design can be carefully developed, using bespoke sizes, unique styles and personalised designs to create an item that is one-of-a-kind. Elegance Chic is where people go when they want the perfect solution to a unique problem, one which cannot simply be solved with an off-the-peg product. The team works tirelessly to ensure that their customers can create their own space, one which reflects them in their entirety, from an exciting array of simply exquisite choices. The firm has gone from strength to strength over the years, with Maria’s knowledge of the industry allowing her to expand to suit her customers needs. Now, Elegance Chic is home to some of Scotland’s finest authentic era designs and modern stylish luxury designs. Those who come to the firm, come seeking interior design beauty that refines the soul and generates feelings of relaxation in a luxurious environment. The incredible range of collections on offer ensure that this is always the case for those who visit or buy from Elegance Chic. Elegance Chic is the place to turn to when you want to invest in your home, making it a unique space for you to enjoy. From the firm’s Glaswegian headquarters, the team produce the ultimate in luxury furniture to people not just throughout the United Kingdom, but around the world. Each can be carefully customised to suit the needs of the individual situation. Whether it’s a simple statement piece, one around which a room can be defined, or entire rooms that must have the same unique imprint, Elegance Chic is able to assist. To keep up the high standards that customers expect, the team bring in a wealth of exciting materials with which they work. Luxurious fabrics such as shiny velvet, finest silk, leather and suede are staples of what the team has to offer. Needless to say, they ensure that every product is not only long-lasting, but has an element of class that is impossible to imitate. The team also include classic details such as handmade solid