UK Enterprise Awards 2021

106 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Apr21289 eLearning Provider of the Year 2021 The Learning Tank is an eLearning company with a difference. Placing the emphasis on bringing as many people along with them as possible, The Learning Tank has been awarded the eLearning Provider of the Year 2021. Led by Terry Littlewood, The Learning Tank has developed from one man in a shed, in October 2019, to a large team in 2021 and has experienced strong growth during the pandemic. When the pandemic hit, rather than spring into self-survival mode, The Learning Tank decided to pursue an alternative option and give product away for free. Developing and producing a Pandemic Awareness Course The Learning Tank offered free access for all to this course, in the hope that it would help other businesses and individuals to navigate their way through the biggest threat we’d faced as a world for decades. The team at The Learning Tank understands the responsibility that comes with helping others to improve themselves, to excel in their own jobs and to make business better for everyone. As an eLearning brand, The Learning Tank inherently understood that other professionals in the training, development and learning sector had been utterly compromised by pandemic restrictions. Working with face-to-face trainers over the last 18 months, The Learning Tank has been able to help those most impacted by the pandemic to repurpose their business offering and move into the eLearning market. While other brands might have thought only of their own growth, The Learning Tank can see that there is more than enough training, learning and development opportunities to go around. The team has helped more than 20 trainers to go digital with their own product in the last year. B2B training and development is an industry that shows great potential, both before the pandemic and still now, as businesses continue to evolve and appreciate the value of well-trained employees who are empowered to get the most out of their role. Training and development have, for the last few decades, been an accepted part of what might attract someone to join a company. The Learning Tank is adamant that open access to eLearning remains a financial possibility for as many companies as possible, in the wake of the pandemic. The commitment to easy access is reflected in their pricing plans, with all health and safety courses priced at just £10 each. Terry Littlewood, CEO of The Learning Tank, believes that training and development shouldn’t break company budgets. Terry commented, “The impact of the pandemic was real and immediate across the UK. Businesses that were experiencing growth and those that were struggling to stay afloat were equally as liable to feel the full force of the pandemic. We’ve seen some amazing success stories over the past year, but also heard of redundancies, brands that have pivoted and repurposed and done what they had to do to survive. At The Learning Tank, our role is one of offering support and that’s why we have such a transparent pricing policy; by making training, development and learning affordable, it gives businesses the greatest chance to invest in their employees, to survive and thrive together and to contribute to the UK economy moving forward. We are a part of that journey and we are thrilled that our contribution has been recognised with this award.” The Learning Tank is a team of upbeat and positive professionals, who each excels in their roles – it is down to their expertise, passion and commitment that The Learning Tank is able to deliver such high-quality eLearning courses and help other companies to deliver their own training. With three strands to their brand proposition, The Learning Tank’s breadth of knowledge and experience ensures that each strand helps to feed into the other, strengthening their brand position. As well as creating and delivering B2B learning courses across many different industries, The Learning Tank was also able to spring into action during the pandemic, designing, creating and delivering courses for some of the biggest Pharma brands in the world at a time when healthcare became our collective priority. The Learning Tank has also enabled other eLearning providers to keep delivering their courses, by offering space on their Learner Management System and providing technology to ensure that training keeps taking place in a world where working practices have changed dramatically. For The Learning Tank, it’s not only what you do that is important, but it is how you do things that also counts. The team is thrilled to accept the eLearning Provider of the Year Award. Company: The Learning Tank Website: