UK Enterprise Awards 2021

107 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best New Coming Business 2021 – North West England Beginning in November 2019, MitieClean launched on a shoestring, cleaning windows and gutters with the ambition to build a diverse and skilled maintenance company. To start, Michael Fury, owner of MitieClean, provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into some of its specialisms. “After starting out as an everyday soft service cleaning company, we identified some niche areas to explore thanks to the requests of our customers. Instead of just focusing on cleaning windows and power washing pathways, we began to clean and restore all categories of architecture including chimneys and roofing, alongside all types of facades such as render, brick, stone, plastics and ground level cleaning”. In its early stages, the firm faced a lot of competition, however as Michael goes on to explain, branching out into further areas has enabled the team to offer clients a unique selling point. “Rather than just doing the basic stuff like everyone else, we now concentrate on restoring architecture. Backed by Restorative Techniques, who manufacture our patented equipment, we can tap into over 100 years of experience in the conservation and restoration of heritage buildings. So, if there are any gaps, we can acquire the knowledge and methods efficiently. In addition, with a 20 metre cherry picker, we’re also able to target issues that are a lot higher than ground level”. After starting out with just a van, vacuum, and power washer, in recent times the firm has invested in bigger and better equipment, as Michael elaborates further. “ One of our phrases is ‘deliver the extraordinary everyday’. However, without re- investing £60k into the latest tools, this wouldn’t be possible. Considering we began with equipment worth just £2k, we’ve certainly come a long way”. Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, in 2020 the firm managed to defy the odds and succeed as an emerging business at a time when the country went into a full national lockdown. Michael adds, “The pandemic forced our hand in developing the company because it was either adapt and overcome or quit. Quitting was never really an option and now we’re performing really well and have grown from a two man band to a six man team operating from a facility with a warehouse, showroom, and offices. Moreover, we were the go-to company for COVID sanitisation in our town, receiving widespread appeal and appreciation for our efforts. At a time when we were starting to introduce unique services, this helped us gain popularity and ultimately survive”. Finally, Michael discusses the main benefits of the firm’s location before sharing some of its future plans. “The main plus to being based in Barrow- In-Furness is that it’s like its own economy, with people reluctant to use ‘out of towners’ and as we’re the only company doing what we do, this has allowed us to have the industry to ourselves and for this reason our rate of growth in 2021 has been exceptional.” Michael concludes by outlining the shape of this growth: “Currently, we’re starting to roll out other divisions such as MitieUPVC and MitieRoofing, all under the same legal name of MitieClean (Allmitie Limited) as we diversify our services through the compatibility and adaptability of our people and our equipment. Meanwhile, through our own community service scheme, MitieClean is giving back to the local community through free service sponsorships and more.” As such, MitieClean continues to play a significant role in North West England, not just for its award- winning property maintenance services, but for the exceptional maintenance of the wellbeing of its local community too. Company: MitieClean Contact: Michael Fury Web: Address: 13 The Strand, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA14 2HG Phone: 01229 314191 Apr21278 Situated in Cumbria, MitieClean is a comprehensive property maintenance company serving clients across North West England. Following its well-deserved success in the UK Enterprise Awards 2021, we got in touch with Michael Fury to find out more.