UK Enterprise Awards 2021

109 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Software Testing Engineering Training Provider 2021 Since 2002, TSG Training has been instrumental in furthering the bounds of excellence within the IT industry. To begin, Managing Director Bernard Melson provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele. “TSG Training exists to improve the capability and competence of people and organisations to deliver systems that underpin their business operations. Typically, this is achieved by delivering a series of certificated and practical courses that meet the challenges brought about by skills shortages and emerging technologies. With over 500 active customers, our clients include major systems integration companies, banks, technology based organisations and other managed service learning providers and privateers”. Although TSG Training operate in a very competitive industry, its ‘Professional Software Testing Engineering Development Plan’ has certainly contributed towards the firm’s attempts to stand out from the crowd, as Bernard explains further. Developed for IBM, our plan has received numerous industry accolades for its approach, content, and ability to develop multiple competencies that deliver people and organisational development capability. The biggest and most comprehensive programme of its kind in Europe, it has been observed in the field as the most valuable plan to develop software testing engineering capability”. Although teamwork has been one of the major factors behind the firm’s recent success, it’s important to remember that individual skills can be just as valuable, as Bernard points out. “Here at TSG Training everybody has their own specialisms within the field of software testing engineering and beyond. Each member of the learning and development team has secondary and tertiary skills that allow them to offer additional delivery skills, and project experience that allow them to bring training to life”. Despite the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the pandemic has brought around unexpected opportunities to train people worldwide in a virtual environment. Naturally then, as Bernard goes on to explain, the past year has certainly benefitted the firm. “In terms of delivery, TSG Training offers virtual and classroom instructor led training. Moreover, over the last 12 months we’ve had the opportunity to develop delivery methods that suit those who want to be in the classroom and those who prefer to stay at home to learn”. Finally, Bernard discusses the main benefits of the firm’s location before sharing some of its plans for the future. “Being based in London is great, however the UK is recognised as a world leader in software testing engineering, and we now possess capabilities in virtual training in addition to offering worldwide deliveries, so these certainly outweigh the former. “TSG Training continues to develop its portfolio of training courses so that we can support capability in all areas of systems development, not just our recognised area of excellence in software testing engineering,” Bernard concludes. “Moving forward, we expect training in the classroom and remotely to continue as companies want people to learn in a cost-effective environment that negates the needs for expensive travel and accommodation”. Company: TSG Training Contact: Bernard Melson Email: Telephone: +44 20 7264 2185 Web: Address: 150 Minories, London EC3N 1LS Apr21291 Based in London, TSG Training is a leading provider of software testing, training and certification. Following its well-deserved success in the UK Enterprise Awards 2021, we touched base with Bernard Melson to find out more.