UK Enterprise Awards 2021

110 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Apr21279 Best Logistics & Haulage Training Provider 2021 Way back in 2009, three women stepped into the world of training and founded NTP, when they quickly realised that industry training was expensive, complicated and stressful, so they decided they were going to change it. An accredited centre with JAUPT, CILT and CPD, the training provider offers online courses to cover all roles within the transport and logistics industry, and works with individuals, SMEs and blue-chip companies to ensure their knowledge and skills are up to scratch. When NTP was established, it noticed that drivers, managers and operator licence holders were always at a disadvantage. They had no choice, no alternative from the norm and they were being told their industry wasn’t “professional”. NTP didn’t buy into that and so spent years developing a training company that was different. It recognises that people in the industry are professional, and it offers a service that meets their needs. In 2017, NTP decided to completely revolutionise the industry and change the way training was done forever… So, it launched its training courses online to make them accessible to everyone, such as those who can’t spare the time to sit in a classroom. It made industry training more affordable, more convenient, easier to understand, and enjoyable. NTP quickly became recognised as the UK’s number one online industry training centre, and thanks to its top performing online courses, it has gained the number one spot for the UK’s highest pass rate of the course, Transport Manager CPC, and 98% of clients have said that they would train with NTP again. Clients have also reported that they’ve had an excellent experience and feel they have received value for money, with the course content being informative, interesting and easy to use and learn, and tutors being quick to provide support and constructive feedback. Now, NTP helps thousands of people every year to up-skill and improve their knowledge so they can develop their career and ensure they are always compliant. On top of this, the training provider is completely unique and unmatched in terms of its course offering, with no competitor coming close with their offering or level of service. Indeed, NTP made a ground-breaking move in terms of moving its courses online, and it also prides itself on its top-notch customer service. Its friendly and professional staff passionately care about each and every one of NTP’s students, never considering them to be just a number; all students are individually supported to reach their goals and to pass their exam first time. NTP not only works with individuals, but also companies of all sizes, with notable clients including Aldi and Smyths. Of course, NTP couldn’t run without its team. It’s a family business, but not all staff are family members. Recruits must be caring, confident and bubbly so they can provide current and potential students with excellent service. The firm can train a person to do a job, but it can’t train a personality, so it spends time employing the right people for the organisation, and it pays off. Pre-COVID, NTP also provided offline training, but this has been temporarily moved online to enable students to continue training despite the pandemic, keeping Britain’s transport and logistics industry moving. The training has consisted of live sessions to bring the classroom directly to the student’s home, allowing them to attend training without breaking social distancing legislation. As the NTP team looks towards the future, its plans are top secret, but it is working on some projects that will help the company to grow and expand its reach both nationally and internationally. As well as this, it is continuing to develop its online learning academy to provide further services to meet market demand and the needs of its students. Company: NTP Online Learning Contact: Daryl Moore Website: