UK Enterprise Awards 2021

113 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Construction Training Specialists 2021 Based in London, CST Training Ltd is committed to offering a wide range of NVQ’s in construction to ensure candidates gain valuable new industry skills and knowledge. To start, Cohan Tyler tells us more about the firm and offers more insight into its clientele. “Typically, we work with international companies, family run local businesses and passionate individuals, providing training which allows workers to solidify the knowledge and experience they have gained over the years and stand out within their team or job market. As one of the newest members of the construction industry, our core values have remained true since our establishment, we strive to provide a refreshing way of carrying out training, one that is hassle free, transparent, and approachable”. When it comes to technology and modern ways of working, it has long been known that the construction industry is behind in this regard. However, as Cohan goes on to explain, the firm are doing everything they can to change that. “Here at CST Training, we are encouraging and moulding the way we do things to suit the 21st century. Using our bespoke online portfolio system has allowed us to revolutionise the way we carry out NVQs, and ensured our clients not only receive the best possible customer service but also gain valuable training and qualifications whilst continuing with their own business. As we move into other areas of training such as business and social care, we will aim to continue with this progressive approach”. With many of its assessors being accredited experts in the relevant fields, meeting the expectations of its clients isn’t a problem for the firm, as Cohan points out. “Thanks to our assessors, we are able to provide specialist support and knowledge to our clients. Members of CST are advocates for the brand, they wear and communicate the brand proudly whilst honouring our fundamentals and exercising our values across every area of the business”. Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, many clients have still been able to brush up on their skills using the firm’s eLearning courses as Cohan explains further. “During the pandemic we’ve seen disruption and uncertainty across all sectors in the UK, including the construction industry. However, the anxiety felt across the country has also been met by an influx in ambition and willingness to invest in yourself. The switch to remote practices has allowed people up and down the country to channel their time into gaining an NVQ, from the safety and comfort of their own home or place of work. By using the pandemic as a source of reason and motivation we have been able to expand, diversify, and improve our offerings so that we are able to reach and assist even more clients as we navigate back to normal life”. Finally, Cohan discusses the main benefits of the firm’s location before outlining some of its plans for the future. “The continued positive infrastructure of the construction industry in the UK has proven to be a fundamental aspect of why we exist. Ensuring all our clients are equipped with the right training and qualifications allows plans to be drawn up and new projects to begin. Ultimately, contractors and businesses want to feel safe in the knowledge that there is a solid workforce ready to go. “Currently this is a very exciting time for CST. We have plans in motion to expand our services into physical training centres, supplying on the ground plant training for those looking to get into the industry and those passionate about perfecting their skills. This move to cover all aspects of the training regimes will mean we are able to deliver our renowned customer service, expert training plans and delivery methods to even more clients. For many workers within construction, training is a poignant aspect of their career, and we aim to make this process as seamless, simplistic and effective as possible”. Company: CST Training Ltd Contact: Cohan Tyler Email: Web: Address: 8 Thornbury Way, London, E17 5FU Phone: 020 3488 4472 Apr21276 Established in 2019, CST Training Ltd focuses on providing construction training and outstanding customer service to its wide range of clients. Following the firm’s well-deserved success in the UK Enterprise Awards 2021, we got in touch with Cohan Tyler to find out more.