UK Enterprise Awards 2021

119 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Online Healthcare Job-Board 2021 Endorse Jobs is a niche healthcare recruitment job board that allows employers to connect with healthcare professionals across the globe, safely, easily and without needing to use local recruitment agencies. Their mission is to bring healthcare professionals, employers and agents together to create ever- improving experiences for all. The team believes that through collaboration, they are able to create a platform for progress, that facilitates improvement and innovation by engaging with healthcare job seekers, agents and employers. Endorse supports all clinical specialities and occupational groups across the field of international healthcare recruitment. Endorse Jobs has created a global agency marketplace, allowing recruitment agents from across the globe to upload its talent, set their commissions and allow employers to connect with them directly. As a result, commissions are as low as 60% the market value. With its online recruitment job-board, employers can search, message and recruitment job seekers directly, reducing employers costs and making the entire process simple and efficient. Meanwhile, healthcare professionals from across the globe can upload their professional profile directly on Endorse, allowing healthcare employers within twelve key territories to view and message candidates directly to arrange interviews and arrange deployments. Job seekers also have the option to upload a video resume, giving candidates a voice and allowing employers to find the perfect talent for their service needs. As a qualified nurse and healthcare recruitment specialist with over twenty years of experience in the international healthcare industry, Founder and CEO of Endorse, Matthew Richards is passionate about supporting communities across the industry, ensuring they each have access to the resources and talent needed to deliver their services. “Endorse is more than just a recruitment job- board. Endorse allows healthcare job seekers and employers to find the right agents to support them to achieve their ambitions. I believe that people want to shape and improve their world and we support that passion by creating ever-improving experiences for everyone.” Endorse is socially aware of the impact of international recruitment and follows measures steps to minimise any potentially detrimental impacts, such as not registering agents from banned territories identified by the World Health Organisation, free subscriptions for employers within developing countries that are affected by international recruitment, and the implementation of a code of practice which all employers and agents must adhere to. Endorse also does not apply any fees or charges to job seekers using their services. During the recent months of Covid-19, Endorse has played a vital role in in the supply and mobility of skilled healthcare professionals, particularly to places where they are most needed. For example, Endorse played a significant role in sourcing ICU nurses across the UK who would be able to assist healthcare centres and providers in Gibraltar in the height of the pandemic. As such, Endorse has proven its commitment to making important contributions to supporting and improving global healthcare systems. In order to continue delivering on this commitment, Endorse is considering how it can grow and evolve as a platform. Currently, the team is focusing its efforts on the development of its online presence with the aim of supporting more than 100,000 healthcare professionals to find work all over the world. Through its safe, easy to use platform, Endorse is positively revolutionising the global healthcare industry, at a time when any support of the sector is more valuable than ever. Contact: Matthew Richards Company: Endorse Medical Ltd Web Address: “Endorse Jobs is a niche healthcare recruitment job board that allows employers to connect with healthcare professionals across the globe, safely, easily and without needing to use local recruitment agencies. “ Apr21231 Endorse Jobs is a healthcare recruitment job board designed to bring healthcare professionals, employers and agents together in order to create continually improving experiences for everyone in the healthcare industry. Led by Endorse’s Founder and CEO, Matthew Richards, a qualified nurse and healthcare recruitment specialist, the firm is providing socially conscious services to the UK and international healthcare industry in a period in which these resources have never been more vital.