UK Enterprise Awards 2021

129 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Watch Brand of the Year 2021 From its humble beginnings in a small workshop in the Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fonds to achieving global brand status, Rotary Watches Ltd possesses a unique and vibrant history spanning over the course of 125 years. To start, Zoe Nicholls provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele. “Since 1895 we have crafted accurate, reliable, and high quality timepieces that have been cherished from one generation to the next. After originating in Switzerland, the brand moved its headquarters to the United Kingdom in 1905 and today the brand stays true to its historic values of craftsmanship and is rightfully proud of its reputation for quality in horology around the world. Over the years, we have developed and maintained an extensive retail partner base including major high street retailers such as F.Hinds, H. Samuels, John Lewis, and Watchshop as well as online and independent jewellers nationwide. You can find a Rotary Watch on pretty much every high street!”. As an icon in original British watch design, competition remains an ongoing challenge for the firm. However, as Zoe goes on to explain, its experience and overall design ethos are the two factors which have contributed most to its success. “Heritage is a powerful commodity and Rotary has 125 years of watchmaking history. Naturally, it brings with it the reassurance that the watch you buy is a reliable product that has been nurtured through decades of manufacturing know- how. Moreover, we use our heritage as the core of our design ethos, and we think this connects with our consumers who appreciate the value their timepiece holds within. Having always prided ourselves on offering the consumer unbeatable value for top quality, we use Sapphire glass and 316L stainless steel which is supported by a 2+1 guarantee and our top notch service offer”. As a small but flexible team, the firm relies on teamwork and communication to consistently meet its targets, as Zoe explains further. “From design all the way through to production and marketing, everyone here has a role to play in helping us meet the expectations of our customers. For example, the sales team constantly feedbacks from their regions at home and abroad using trend analysis, while the marketing department controls the output of our visual brand identity with a balanced mixture of creativity and structural integrity”. Despite the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the firm quickly adapted at the beginning of the pandemic to ensure it could still operate. “Like all businesses, we have felt the impact of COVID-19. At Rotary Watches we quickly learned to pivot and focus our attention towards online sales due to the closure of non-essential retail shops. Additionally, we were prompted to build a new online brand platform to showcase new watches whilst upgrading our in-house design studio to keep us at the forefront of creativity”. Finally, Zoe discusses the main benefits of the firm’s location before outlining some of its plans for the remainder of 2021 and beyond. “Rotary is one of the most recognisable brands in the UK and can be found in all major towns and cities nationwide, as well as being sold across the globe. This is largely due to the preserved sentiment from the brand’s origins of crafting watches with quality materials and testing to ensure each timepiece can withstand the rigors of everyday life. “New for 2021 is Regent, a premium sports timepiece collection that is optimised for precision and performance. Regent echoes Rotary’s innovative watchmaking past and is on track to becoming an iconic family within the Rotary Watches core range. Following the recent launch of our brand new website, we are planning to partner with a well-known charity later in the year so keep an eye on our social platforms for further information.” Company: Rotary Watches Ltd Contact: Zoe Nicholls Email: Web: Address: Elm Yard, 8th Floor, 10-16 Elm Street, WC1X 0BJ Phone: 0207 434 5500 Apr21325 Based in Central London, Rotary Watches Ltd is renowned for British design and watchmaking excellence, striving to deliver a high-quality timepiece at an exceptional price. Following the firm’s recognition at the UK Enterprise Awards 2021, we spent time with Zoe Nicholls to find out more.