UK Enterprise Awards 2021

130 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Apr21327 Most Innovative Hospitality Software Company 2021 Founded in 2009, Alliants Ltd has built industry changing technology solutions to help some of the world’s most respected luxury hotel, travel and retail brands deliver exceptional customer experiences. Following the firm’s well- deserved success in the UK Enterprise Awards 2021, we got in touch with CEO Tristan Gadsby to find out more. With extensive global experience in luxury hospitality and an understanding of how the right technology can supercharge operations, Alliants Ltd continues to transform the digital guest experience. Tristan Gadsby, CEO of Alliants, offers an insight into the firm and its clientele. “With four offices in Southampton, New York, Toronto, and Buenos Aires, we reach across 15 time zones and 46 countries. Whether it’s a mobile app or chat application, our team develops digital solutions and strategies that help our clients transform their customers’ experience”. As a leading innovator in hospitality software solutions, competition remains an ongoing challenge for the firm. However, as Tristan goes on to explain, its proven results and the offering of its flagship guest experience platform has enabled the firm to stand out from the crowd. “By investing in our digital experience platform, a global luxury hotel group achieved a 90% increase of ancillary revenue for users of chat and increased their Net Promoter Score by 11%. The Alliants Guest Experience Platform combines messaging with concierge, enabling contactless communication and trip planning to deliver exceptional customer experiences. With the Alliants Guest Experience Platform, guests can use their own devices and choose from social channels including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and SMS to communicate with a hotel in over 100 languages”. During the pandemic, the well-being of employees has been one of the major concerns for businesses across the country. Naturally then, as Tristan explains, this is an area the firm has been very active in recently. “Looking after our team’s wellbeing, especially during the lockdowns, has been incredibly important. During the winter months with less daylight, we blocked the team’s calendars at lunchtime to encourage team members to get outside or exercise. Additionally, a social committee was set up to organise activities for the team including online weekly pilates, monthly quizzes, and motivational workshops”. Unsurprisingly, the outbreak of COVID-19 has significantly changed the hospitality industry, however as Tristan points out, despite suffering setbacks there are reasons for the industry to be optimistic about its future. “Hospitality has suffered more than most during the last 15 months, however, we’ve seen a rise in messaging with the number of messages per guest nearly doubling and hotels are trying to reduce physical touchpoints by fully embracing a contactless experience”. Finally, Tristan discusses the main benefits of the firm’s location before outlining some of its plans for the future. “The South Coast is an excellent base with great talent pools from the local universities, and the office here on the banks of the River Hamble provides an idyllic environment to work from with views of the marina itself. Moving forward, helping hoteliers around the world deliver exceptional experiences remains our sole focus, and now that hotels are starting to reopen following COVID-19, we are offering our support by giving access to our Alliants Guest Experience Platform at no cost for three months”. Company: Alliants Ltd Contact: Tristan Gadsby Email: Web: Address: Universal Marina, Crableck Lane, Sarisbury Green, Southampton, SO31 7ZN, United Kingdom