UK Enterprise Awards 2021

135 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Audiology Practice of the Year - East Midlands Premier Hearing dedicates every day to helping people with hearing concerns and prides itself on turning patient problems into life changing solutions that improve quality of life. Director Philip Kenny offers a brief overview of the firm and more insight into some of its specialisms. “Premier Hearing was initially launched as a local hearing centre designed to service local people in the community with hearing tests, hearing assessments, ear wax removal, tinnitus management, and the provision of hearing devices. By using the latest testing and measuring equipment to assess hearing needs, we are able to provide an exceptional fitting service for new devices”. Competition across the East Midlands remains an ongoing challenge for the practice, however as Philip goes on to explain, its independence and commitment to innovation has enabled the company to stand out from the crowd. “Many non-independent audiology businesses such as Boots and Specsavers are tied to sole device manufacturers (with associated supply agreements) and can only supply their clients with products from those manufacturers’ ranges. Sadly, this often does not allow the audiologist to take all factors into consideration when providing an optimum solution to a specific hearing difficulty. Moreover, it often excludes their ability to truly factor in such relevant and important issues as lifestyle, dexterity, affordability, and the finer audiogram measurements, all of which should be used to determine the right individual solution. As an independent business, we can offer clients greater flexibility when it comes to the choice of hearing aids. “In April, we added an advanced 3D scanning capability to the business so we can quickly, and non-intrusively, generate completed hearing aids that are an exact fit to clients’ physical ear canal entrances,” Philip continues. “Additionally, we use video otoscopy which means customers can see inside their own ear while we check the health”. After being made redundant last summer, Philip bounced back admirably by founding an audiology business during a pandemic, as he explains further. “During my career I have held senior regional and national audiology roles in both some of the UK’s largest and best-known hearing companies and the NHS. Most recently, I was employed as an Audiology Director in another major national hearing company, and after three years of working away from home at their Bristol office (4 days a week) I was made redundant due to COVID-19. In response on August 4th, 2020, I opened a local hearing centre in Barrow Upon Soar, near Loughborough. Just a brisk six-minute walk from where I live, I am no longer away from my family all week. Since then the level of business that we have generated has enabled us to move into a rapid growth scenario, and we have already brought two additional employees into the business. Currently, we are funding them to complete their professional qualifications so that we can support the ever- growing workload here and, in due course, open a second office in Leicestershire”. Finally, Philip shares some of the plans in place at Premier Hearing for 2021 and beyond. “The biggest step we are taking in 2021 is the opening of a new office in Harley Street, London. A deposit has been made and we expect to have it fully functional by this summer. In addition, having recently recruited a new qualified Audiologist for Harrogate. we are also looking for a premise there. “Having started a unique collaboration with Radio Fosse, we are funding a promotion which we hope will help remove the stigma surrounding the use of hearing aids,” concludes Philip. “As part of our commitment to helping others, we will also be sponsoring a puppy for the year to help Hearing Dogs for Deaf People”. Company: Premier Hearing Contact: Philip Kenny Email: Web: Address: 35-37 High St, Barrow upon Soar, Loughborough, LE12 8PY Phone: 0800 048 5688 Apr21334 Based in Loughborough, Premier Hearing is an independent and impartial hearing advice company helping people with hearing issues, the effects of hearing loss and other hearing solutions. Following its richly deserved success in the UK Enterprise Awards 2021, we got in touch with Director Philip Kenny to find out more.