UK Enterprise Awards 2021

14 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 This has also allowed it to invest heavily in its online presence. In 2005, this was begun by the subscription service that has grown into the exemplary book dissemination and sales tool that it is today, something that it has been able to funnel even more effort into expanding over lockdown as demand spiked. Moreover, this allowed it to step up to the plate to satisfy readers where in-person bookstores no longer could due to closures. Subscription services are far more common in the literature industry now than ever before, but Goldsboro Books maintains its own services’ prestige by being able to guarantee a trustworthy and reliable experience for its clientele, one backed up by years of practice. Furthermore, it holds a special relationship with its authors close to its heart. Its services are totally unique and incredibly special, both in the way it serves its customers and in the way it ensures authors are looked after, allowing regular visits to its store in central London. This allows the writers to meet their readership and hear first- hand the impact their work has made on people’s lives, growing the craft by being able to gather in-person comments, critiques, and anecdotes from those who have fully immersed themselves in their books. Goldsboro Books, in another move that authors appreciate, ensures this service is open to both national and international authors. Often, book signings at the London location of Goldsboro Books end up resolving in the sale and signing of thousands of books at any one time, and the UK first editions that are stocked on its shelves can benefit from the notoriety of simply being selected in the first place. This is because, internally, Goldsboro Books loves books. Each staff member has a true passion for the written word that is unquestionable, as well as an empathic and understanding level of customer service acumen that allows them to ensure each customer leaves with a smile on their face and their next favourite book tucked under their arm. It is this that has created a culture of hiring the person first, and the skills second. Whilst the skillset of the individual and knowledge of the industry is pivotal, what is even more so is the support and respect that they can carry with them for both their fellow colleagues and to extend out towards the patrons. As thanks, Goldsboro Books pays its staff above the London Living Wage – not just the National Living Wage – knowing how important it is to keep its staff well cared for not just whilst they are working, but in every way that it can. It is the Goldsboro Books belief that chasing a career in the love of books should not mean accepting a lower rate of pay. Crucially, the result is an in-person store that has become well known for its warm, welcoming, and bright environment, one where the staff are enthused to be there and are well supported in providing the best work in the business for the book lovers that peruse its vast shelves. It is this attitude that it has taken across to its new storefront, too – a new branch based in Brighton – as well as across to its online storefront, with a user friendly and highly intuitive website that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. This is also not the be all and end all of the forecasted growth for Goldsboro Books, as it is currently working hard to set up yet another new branch of its stunning in person storefronts in the North of the country, something it certainly hopes to able to announce more about soon. One amongst many other plans, it is fair to say that Goldsboro Books is indeed, one to watch. Essentially, it is the Goldsboro Books ethos to never stagnate and to always strive for the next best thing so that its clients may benefit; recently, this has propelled it into more talks to expand further within London itself, seeing how voracious the readership in the region is. Although this will take a few more years of planning to get off the ground in a satisfactory manner, it is excited for the opportunity, and will take the necessary time in order to reassure customers that they will be walking into a storefront of the recognisable Goldsboro Books quality. At present, the growth it is most immediately focused on lies in its online service and subscription model. It will be continually ensuring that the customers using this solution will receive a similarly outstanding service to if they had gone through an in-person store, with its ‘Goldsboro Premier’ subscription that allows customers to continue their literary journey even after ‘the final page is turned’. It gives them access to premium, limited edition, signed hardbacks, an investment into their passion wherein the books they receive have the potential of skyrocketing in value by up to 300%, and access to exclusive content from David Headley himself. The founder, in this way, personally oversee the service in order to keep the quality at an incomparable level. Goldsboro Books has also worked hard to allow customers to benefit from this service with ease by just a few clicks of the button through its online platform; first, it invites its customers to register in order to gain a unique online profile and become a premier member. After this, it will ship them their first limited edition book, and allow them to get to the exclusive member’s only content related to the release they just received from the owner of Goldsboro Books and a variety of renowned authors. The rewards of being part of the Goldsboro Books subscription service, therefore, speak for themselves. It also promises that each book will provide a client with a totally unique experience, offering a variety of different books across a wide range of genres and fictional styles, whilst being able to ensure that no matter what they receive, it will be something that a client can be proud to have on the shelf. Consequentially, due to the subscription service, 2020 made itself out to be a rather lucrative year for the incredible history of Goldsboro Books. Another jewel in the crown of its successes, it has enjoyed a rise of nearly 20% compared to its sales from 2019, excited to see where this takes it as it moves towards the rest of 2021 and beyond, especially with its in-person expansions both present and planned. Additionally, its marketing strategy saw it featured on both Sky and BBC London News for its innovation and ingenuity, which allowed it to nearly double its social media following and grow even further. It doesn’t see this trend towards further successes slowing down anytime soon. However, it promises its clients that it will not be resting on its laurels despite the great leaps and bounds it has taken, and the enhanced notoriety it now enjoys. The team at Goldsboro Books will continue with the superhuman effort that has characterised their work since the very beginning, on the part of every single staff member who strives tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the ship running smoothly. Furthermore, no staff went on furlough during the course of the pandemic as it really did need all hands to be available during such a busy time; it is this attitude for which Goldsboro Books thanks each and every one of the team for their continued shining examples of professional excellence, and tireless efforts. Company: Goldsboro Books Limited Contact: David Headley Website: Fundamentally, its expert team have been gathered around it for their first-hand and outstanding knowledge when it comes to book sales and book curation, applying the breadth and depth of their expertise to create a carefully organised selection in its London store and through its online bookshop.